The real Angelyne calls the new Peacock series about her ‘painful to watch’

Angeline is one of Peacock’s biggest newcomers, but not everyone is a fan of the limited series, including one person in particular: the real Angelyne.

“I’ve seen the trailers and it hurts to watch. I am not. can you feel my energy I’m not,” Angelyne said news week.

The series stars Emmy Rossum in the title role, with who news week recently spoke about the series. In that interview, Rossum described her longstanding admiration for the real Angelyne and how proud she felt that Angelyne was properly compensated for offering her the rights to tell her story.

Real Angelyne Calls series "Painful to look at"
The real Angelyne, photographed here, told Newsweek’s H. Alan Scott in The Parting Shot that the new Peacock limited series about her life was “painful to watch” and that Emmy Rossum’s portrayal of her was “not me”.
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“She has agreed to grant us her rights to life and the ability to re-record all of her original songs, recreate her iconic poster images and poses, just so many things about her,” Rossum said news week. “And to me, for whom pay equity has been such a big part of my journey and history, it was incredibly important to me that Angeline be compensated for her participation in the production and also for her contribution to pop culture over the past several decades. So it was very meaningful to me that that happened.”

What follows is an abbreviated version of news week‘s conversation with Angelyne. To hear the full conversation, listen news weekFarewell photo with H. Alan Scott:

It seems like you might not be so happy about the portrayal of yourself in this Peacock Original Series. How are you feeling right now?

Well, first of all, you can hear my voice, and there’s a big difference. I don’t sound like a man. And I have a very gentle energy with myself.

I feel like that’s not coming across in my portrayal, and I don’t think there is any artist who wants to misrepresent themselves. I was just trying to inspire the world with pink.

And you know, it’s a love-hate relationship. Okay, maybe I like the attention, but I love Angelyne.

When this project first approached you, you agreed [grant Peacock] your rights to life. How was this decision-making process for you?

It took a long time, a lot of persuasion from a certain person that they’re doing a great job and won’t let anyone down – and crying and harassing and making me feel sorry for them because they love me so much. And I just have a feeling that’s not true.

And who was the person you worked with to broker this deal?

The actress [Emmy Rossum]. She asked me about it.

I just feel like it [what she said] wasn’t true. I mean, of course she doesn’t sound like me – I don’t have a Boston accent. The singing is… I couldn’t even hear it.

You know, the bottom line is this: I know she tried. But she just couldn’t cut it.

I appreciate the attention I get. For real. I know it will come my way so the world can see who the real Angelyne is. No one on this planet, in the universe, can do to Angelyne and can do what I have done. The magic I send out to people when they meet me or when they see me is transformative.

And I don’t think a small TV show is transformative. Maybe entertaining. But it’s not the real me. I’m confident that it will result in people knowing who I really am and therefore being inspired. It’s not about millions of dollars. It’s about the art.

Emmy Rossum names Angelyne an original influencer
Gods and Fairies Episode 102 – Pictured: Emmy Rossum as Angelyne in Peacock’s Angelyne.
Isabella Vosmikova/Peacock

It’s probably a shocking thing to see someone else play you, and I can imagine that’s shocking to you in a way. Is that right?

That’s exactly the word some of my attorneys used when they heard it [Rossum’s] Voice. You said “staggering”. But you know, she’s trying to do her best.

It feels like you’re deeply loved by actress Emmy Rossum, by the production, and by fans in general. I like that you see it comes from a place of love.


Do you see that? How do you feel about this?

I believe that’s a fact. I… It’s like a kindergarten game. You don’t understand the professor. i am the professor You do not understand. I watch these little kids make the series about Angelyne and maybe it’s a stepping stone and guide to the real textbook dictionary of who I really am. People have to give me the leeway to spread the energy around the world. Because I think we need a lot more pink, right?

Have you seen the Peacock episodes?

No, I’ve seen the trailers and it hurts to watch. I am not. can you feel my energy I am not. It’s just… it looks like a drag queen could do a better job. but [Rossum] trying so hard I know she suffered from it. I’ve seen drag queens much prettier and got the moves much better.

It’s a flat image. No sex appeal. It’s just flat. I can not see it. No, I’m not going to sit through a boring thing with a lot of pink, drama and cuteness in it. I won’t look at it. I’m busy making my own film anyway.

I know the people of Los Angeles love you, but for the rest of the world to discover Angelyne, not everyone can come to Los Angeles. So to be a kind of vessel for this show, to get people to google you and learn more about you and see your work and your upcoming films – it’s a really great opportunity in a way.

You know I’m scattered around the globe If you go to any country around the world, I have [done shows in] every country in the world. I have. In Denmark, in South Africa, in Bulgaria. If you ask a person in these countries, “Do you know what they are doing?” He says no, she says no, you can just ask, up to 10 people on this street, [one] will know who i am

So when they are sprinkled [around the world], maybe the show could ignite this. But I protect this energy. I protect the universe, people, animals, whoever. I feel like I’ve influenced so many things that I don’t want that to be misrepresented.

Listen to H. Alan Scott’s full conversation with Angelyne in Newsweek’s Parting Shot. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Twitter: @HAlanScott. The real Angelyne calls the new Peacock series about her ‘painful to watch’

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