The resigning employee was defended for refusing to be “forced” back into the office

Internet commentators rallied behind a telecommuter who quit his job rather than return to the office.

In a viral Reddit post published on the popular r/antiwork forum, Redditor u/Recent_Bite3653 (aka Original Poster or OP) said they’re having great success working from home and aren’t ready to share their Health hazards less work in a cramped office building.

The post, titled “Hitting send on my resignation letter,” received almost 12,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments in the last day.

“My company then forced us back into office [two] Years of remote work,” OP began bluntly.

The original poster went on to explain that half of their team works in Canada while the other half worked in Cincinnati and said they believed they would be given medical housing to continue working remotely.

Unfortunately, they were wrong.

“I have the highest productivity and second highest quality rating on my team,” OP wrote. “Indeed my accommodation [request] was declined.

“My manager who lives in Canada emailed me at [10:45 p.m.] asked for confirmation last night that I’m leaving [to be] in office,” OP continued. “I’ll answer by resigning.

“Wish me luck,” OP added.

Data released this February by the Pew Research Center showed that nearly 60 percent of US employees who can work from home are doing just that.

Of those remote workers, Pew also reported that a whopping 78 percent said they would prefer to work from home even after the pandemic.

However, a separate Microsoft survey of more than 30,000 workers found that 50 percent of company leaders already require or plan to have all employees return to full-time attendance plans by the end of 2022.

And earlier this month, more employees were back in offices than at any time since the pandemic began, according to reports forbes.

But return-to-office mandates aren’t always effective, and much like the original poster, some employees have opted to seek employment elsewhere rather than trade their home facilities for cubicles and water coolers.

Remote workers stressed
Remote workers stressed. Members of Reddit’s r/antiwork forum defended a fired employee who announced his resignation after receiving an ultimatum to return to the office.
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Throughout the comments section of the viral Reddit post, Redditors praised the original poster for standing up to its employer and questioned why so many others have chosen to force productive employees back into offices they so obviously have no interest in .

“It’s amazing being away for two years and they want you back,” commented Redditor u/Wrong-Coffee. “I don’t understand these stupid companies.”

Redditor u/Jaded_Apple_8935, whose comment received nearly 3,000 upvotes, made a similar request, sharing his experience with an employer who insisted on returning to the office.

“I quit a job about a year ago for this exact reason,” they wrote. “I have been successfully working remotely for over a year and there has been no reason to come back.

“I thought it was great to let my old employer know that I can find alternative employment and don’t need it,” they continued. “I don’t understand why companies don’t grasp this concept and then yell about sales.”

In the top comment of the post, which also received almost 3,000 upvotes, Redditor u/joeyblacky9999 advised the original poster to wait before submitting his resignation, sparking further debate.

“Why quit?” they joked. “Let them fire you instead. Which could be a year after you threatened to be fired if you don’t show up in office.”

“To stay there and endure abusive communications about returning to office and then get fired sounds like hell to me,” interjected Redditor u/quizzicalmoose. “There’s nothing wrong with just stepping away from it and finding something better.”

news week asked u/Recent_Bite3653 for a comment. The resigning employee was defended for refusing to be “forced” back into the office

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