The Rock explains why Black Adam was teased at the box office as a surprise Smallville return

We have something like one direct current Takeover on our sci-fi watch today as Dwayne Johnson entered the booth to defend himself Black Adam on why it failed to do Marvel-level business at the box office. In the meantime a Kleinville Alum teases a possible return as her own beloved superhero in a possible revival. In other news, a avatar 2 Cast members talk about how their character is being reinvented for the sequel, and a naff-yet-nostalgic family film takes on a new form as it streams.

The Rock explains why Black Adam has been invaded by Black Panther 2

The Rock lauds Marvel Studios for massive recording of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
Photo by Warner Bros./Marvel Studios

Despite years of hype that it would change the power hierarchy in the DC Universe, Black Adam changed the power hierarchy in the 2022 box office rankings little – sadly, far below average compared to Marvel’s widespread Wakanda forever. Dwayne Johnson is all too aware of this and he hits back at the negative comparisons between the two superhero films on social media and reveals the real reason he believes his passion project hasn’t made it big.

Justin Hartley discusses the chances of Green Arrow returning Kleinville revival

Justin Hartley as Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
Photo via The CW

Before that, he earned himself a whole new legion of fans thanks This is usJustin Hartley was Green Arrow on Kleinville. So, with Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum working on an animated film Kleinville Revival, would Hartley ever reprise his role as Oliver Queen? We Got This Covered had to ask the man himself that question, and the actor was excited about the idea, although he admitted it was the first time he’d heard of the potential project. You are welcome, Kleinville fans.

Avatar: The Way of Water talks about how her character has changed (but not really)

Still image of Jake Sully with Green Na'vi clan leader and a pregnant Green Na'vi
Image via 20th Century Studios

James Cameron is finally about to open Pandora’s box for his long-awaited sequels avatar next month, and before that, Stephen Lang, the returning star, previewed what we can expect from his character Quaritch now that he’s become a Na’Vi himself. You’d think the once-human general would have changed a lot since being reincarnated as part of the species he once hated, but as Lang put it, “Everything about him is for battle, for aggression.” The way of the water Swims into theaters on December 16th.

Streaming Spotlight: A ghostbusters Rip off from the man who made it ghostbusters frightens the streaming success

Image via Amblin Entertainment

Ivan Reitman definitely knew a recipe for success when he saw one. After doing ghostbustershe basically did the same thing over again Ghostbusters 2… and then again a few decades later in 2001 evolution, a little-known sci-fi comedy that’s surprisingly just finding new audiences in streaming. Starring David Duchovny, Julianne Moore and Orlando Jones, imagine the ghosts swapped for aliens and you basically nailed this film.

Be sure to beam yourself back here on Tuesday for more sci-fi news. The Rock explains why Black Adam was teased at the box office as a surprise Smallville return

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