The Simpsons poster “Rogue Not Quite One” teases another Star Wars parody

Maggie Simpson takes center stage The simpsons‘ latest short film aimed at the war of stars Franchise. With a May 4 release – whenever – the Springfield family celebrates the Lucasfilm franchise in their own way in a brand new release, titled villain not quite one. Ahead of the short film’s debut, Disney shared a poster that puts Maggie in a fight with TIE fighters.

Maggie Simpson in Baby Yoda's buggy

The simpsons has never been too far from parodying movies and TV shows in some of her regular episodes, and had previously ventured into it war of stars territory with The Force awakens from its nap In 2021, it doesn’t seem surprising that they’re returning again for more crossover fun. with her last war of stars This themed short film, which also stars Homer and Marie’s youngest daughter Maggie, will likely not be the last we see them interacting with some of Lucasfilm’s most iconic characters. For this short text, the summary is:

“On the way to kindergarten, Homer loses sight of Maggie, who jumps in Grogu’s suspended strollers on a hyperspace hopping adventure across the galaxy. Maggie faces a squadron of Imperial TIE fighters and brings the fight to Springfield Wars in this epic short film that celebrates everything about Star Wars.”

While there’s no further information available, there’s only two days left until the new short film hits Disney+, so it’s not that long ago war of stars Fans can groan at how their beloved franchise is parodied once again, while Simpsons fans can continue to soak up the jokes and overall gimmick nature of the newcomer to the Springfield-based series.


10 Horror Movie References From The Simpsons

The Simpsons have parodied many films in their Treehouse of Horror episodes

20. Television

When it comes to war of stars Parodies abound, with Seth MacFarlane’s extended trilogy family Guy Episodes are one of the most memorable because they were so unsubtle – for the time it was released anyway, before they became part of the Disney family. However, The simpsons is no stranger to supplying her own collection of parodies, particularly the horror-tinged Halloween episodes.

Among the extensive list of traits used by The Simpsons over the past two decades are: Dracula, the glow(or The Shinning, as Groundskeeper Willie calls it when he mentions the dreaded copyright laws), I know what you did last summer, The Lost Boys And The Exorcist to name just a few.

One thing that the advent of Disney+ has brought to The Walt Disney Company is the ability to pretty much put out anything they want in terms of individual episodes and specials. While in the past these have been pinned to a theatrical release or added as an extra on disc 2 of a Blu-ray set, they can now be released on Disney+ whenever there is a convenient time. This included a series of short films from Toy Story, frozenMarvel and it’s likely that this kind of quick one-shot isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

You can see villain not quite one on Disney+ starting May 4th.

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