The skin crawling spider movies of all time

Be crazy. The creepy crawlies are nightmares for many; Too many legs, too many eyes, and just seeing an arrow across the bedroom floor is enough to make anyone want to burn their house down. Last week, a Wisconsin school was closed after an army of spiders wreaked havoc, causing a student to develop an allergic reaction and a teacher to be bitten.

In reality, spiders are mostly not dangerous. While some are known to have quite nasty bites, they are not as Hollywood portrays them. So the next time you see one of these eight-legged freaks dangling from your bedroom ceiling, you’ll be lucky it’s not like the monsters from those movies.

3D spiders

3D spiders
Image via Millenium Media

3D spiders doesn’t win any awards for an imaginative name, but if you’re looking for a CGI-heavy Hollywood film about giant spiders destroying a city, then this will definitely scratch the itch. published in 2013, 3D spiders wasn’t very successful. It is also the third sequel in the be crazy franchise, and no, the other two weren’t very good either. But the third film is definitely the best of a bad bunch.

The film benefits from a higher budget compared to its predecessors, but it’s still a relatively small amount of money for such a big film – and it shows. Overall it’s a fun ride when you can turn your brain off and just enjoy 90 minutes of people getting eaten by giant spiders. It also features euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney in one of her first film roles.

The spider

be crazy
Image via American International Pictures

We’re going back to the golden age of giant bug movies Earth vs Spiderwhose name has been changed due to the success of another bug-themed classic sci-fi: The fly.

This movie is pure 50’s cheese and is just a joy to watch, although the plot is web thin and the effects are definitely not great, even by 50’s standards. The giant spider is a true tarantula; Camera tricks and film magic are used to make it appear to tower over the actors. It doesn’t look good, but it has the charm of an old sci-fi B-movie.

Kingdom of Spiders

Kingdom of Spiders
Image via Dimension Films

One of William Shatner’s lesser-known roles, Kingdom of Spiders revolves around a town besieged by tarantulas who have begun working together to take down larger prey. Thousands of actual tarantulas were used in the production of the film and the concept is more of a possibility than your average giant spider movie, which makes this film all the scarier.

Other than that, it’s not a very memorable film. The acting is good and the execution is sub-par, only being eclipsed by other better spider movies since it was first released.

Eight-legged freaks

Eight-legged freaks
Image from Warner Bros.

Eight-legged freaks is another oversized spider movie that became an instant classic upon its release in 2002. It perfectly blends the terrifying premise with physical comedy, most of which comes from the spiders themselves. Interestingly, at times the spiders come across as almost cartoonish in the way they move and the way they vocalize, but it adds personality and a bit of lightness to the film without sacrificing the creepiness.

The CGI isn’t bad for an early 2000s film either, but it’s far from perfect and it just doesn’t hold up today. Some physical props are used, particularly when the spiders grab their victims, but when seen in broad daylight they look a bit plasticky. However, unlike most spider movies, this movie features a wide variety of spiders, jumping spiders, tarantulas, orb-weavers, and black widow spiders, which keeps things interesting, especially when we can see the different attack methods of each species. It’s great to see all these different spiders running amok.


Image via Universal International

Tarantula! is the OG giant spider movie. Similar to The spider, a real tarantula was used and superimposed into the scene, but arguably to greater effect. The spider just looks creepier, largely because it appears in the shadows for much of its screen time. The make-up in the film is also much better, probably due to the larger budget. The plot is very elaborate and keeps you hooked. The writing and effects team were clearly more experienced, and it really shows. Tarantula! is a classic B-movie, but it is one of the best and is recognized as one of the earliest giant bug films.

The fog

The fog
Image via Metro Goldwyn-Mayer

While it’s not technically all about spiders (there are all sorts of flaws in this Stephen King adaptation), there are still a few memorable scenes involving spiders. Including a bunch of baby spiders bursting out of the body of a surviving victim entangled in their webbing. The spiders inside The fog are fast and can create a corrosive webbing that can burn through clothing. They’re also the scariest spiders on this list, with skull-like faces that would terrify even the most die-hard horror fan.

Spiders aside, this movie is, in the best way possible, an absolutely horrific watch with a hard-hitting ending. The rest of the monsters are terrifying too, but as you would expect from Stephen King, the human characters are the most terrifying of them all.


Image via Hollywood Pictures

Well done, sometimes comedic, but always terrifying, this is the go-to for skin-crawling arachnid movies. After a newly discovered, aggressive species of spider mates with a house spider, an army of murderous creatures take over humans, leaving a trail of death in their wake with their ability to kill with a single bite. The spiders in this film are vicious, especially the “General Spider”, also known as “Big Bob”, which is bigger and smarter than the others. A real goliath birdeater tarantula was used for some shots of the antagonist, as well as a convincing spider pupa. Big Bob’s final showdown with the protagonist is as exciting as it is terrifying.

Can we look forward to new arachnid themed movies?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much of a market for spider movies anymore as fewer and fewer of these types are being released, even though 75% of people are either mildly or severely afraid of spiders. Arachnids seem like the perfect subject for a new horror franchise if done right. Perhaps a production company like Blumhouse or A24 could give the green light in the near future, after all both of these companies have shown that they are willing to invest in young directors with specific horror niches. But there doesn’t seem to be much interest from the rest of Hollywood at the moment. For now, we’ll just have to settle for actual spiders, which most people would say are scary enough. The skin crawling spider movies of all time

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