The state is filing a complaint involving Bradenton condos that employed an unlicensed developer and mangrove transplants

BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) — Covered mangroves on the edge of a Bradenton condominium complex have been restored, but the state has filed a complaint against the condominium association manager for allegedly hiring an unlicensed contractor.

Last March, Lowell “Lucky” Rollins was spotted at work in the port of Palma Sola. At the time, he admitted to working for the complex and some of the condominium owners.

Rollins chuckled when asked if he was licensed, but later said he followed the court’s orders after he was accused of entering into contracts without a license.

“I’m doing everything I can to correct what I did wrong,” Rollins said.

Now the Department for Business and Occupations Regulation [DBPR] has filed an administrative complaint against homeowners association manager Matthew Edwards.

According to the document, Edwards “knew or had reasonable grounds to believe that Rollins” was not a licensed contractor when he was hired to work at the complex.

Neither Edwards nor his attorney have yet responded to requests for comment on the state’s complaint.

When 8 On Your Side first reported the problem, Edwards said he had done nothing wrong in his capacity as manager of the Port of Palma Sola.

Rollins signed an agreement to stay from prosecution earlier this month and agreed to pay a $1,578 fine and other costs for his illegal work. He also has to do 25 hours of community service.

Attempts to solicit Rollins for comment have so far been unsuccessful.


In November 2021, the Ministry of Environmental Protection [DEP] began investigating suspected illegal dumping in the mangrove forests of the Port of Palma Sola.

According to the DEP, an estimated 1,000 square meters may have been illegally filled with “wooden materials, tree debris, glass material and concrete”.

The final report of the DEP investigation states that “the site is back in compliance”.

The first allegations came from former Port of Palma Sola employees Charlie Anderson and Paul Hallick, who claimed they were told to clean up the debris in the mangroves. Both said they were fired after “whistling” about the mangroves.

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