‘The Traitors UK’ wins big at BAFTA TV Awards

The traitors seems like a pretty simple recipe for success. Mafia-style games are hugely popular around the world, so it only makes sense to ramp the game up to 100, risk a cash prize, and televise the whole thing for the masses to enjoy.

The fact that the series has been adapted so many times speaks for its recipe for success. Actually, “The Traitors” was originally a Dutch program, but has since been adapted several times in many countries.

In the US, Peacock was probably sure they had a bull’s eye when they decided to adapt the series. But they got a rude awakening when, at the end of the first season, reviews from longtime fans weren’t entirely positive. Apparently, the addition of established reality stars didn’t go over well with fans of previous versions.

The Traitors UK takes the Gold Medal for UK Audiences

It seems the US version could learn a thing or two from The Traitors UK, who smashed the BAFTAs. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards recognize what they describe. The new BBC hit won the award for Reality & Constructed Factual.

Claudia Winkleman, the show’s host, accepted the award and thanked producer Studio Lambert and the other executives who made the show possible. Stephen Lambert, who runs Studio Lambert, thanked Winkleman and the Dutch studio All3Media, who created the format. Producers have hinted that Season 2 will have even more surprises in store.

The “Traitors” prevailed against their BBC colleagues “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK”, “Field of Dreams” by Freddie Flintoff and “We Are Black And British”. US Season 2 of The Traitors has also received the green light, so we’re hoping it will achieve the same success as the series across the pond.

TELL US – Do you think TRAITORS UK DESERVE THIS SUCCESS? What could the US version learn from the BBC?

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