The Voice Recap: Kique Parijita, Bastola – Top 13 Achievements

The Monday episode of The voice was both special and ordinary – the former because The contestants performed life-changing songs, the latter because at the end of the day they were really just trying to stay in the running for victory as usual. Which of the top 13 sounded like safe bets to progress? Read on and we’ll discuss the hell out of the performances.

the-voice-recap-kique-parijita-bastola-top-13-performancesKique (Team Gwen), “Superstition” — Grade: B+ | Since it was Kique’s high school band teacher who introduced the 19-year-old to Stevie Wonder’s hit, he should probably go back and thank him because he sounded damn good on the number — strong, soulful, and confident. His coach said he not only made it, he made it his own, and as scathing as I might be, I had to agree.

Bryce Leatherwood (Team Blake), “Amarillo by Morning” – Grade: B+ | “If you’re aiming for the king” – in this case George Strait – “you better not miss him,” Bryce told us before taking a bite of the classic he’d cut his teeth on. And by God, he didn’t miss it. Blake’s Country Boy turned out to be an imperfect performance, but still a damn fine one, and what may have been my favorite performance to date. (You definitely don’t need the Instant Save Tuesday!)

Devix (Team Camila), “RU Mine?” — Grade: A- | IAt rehearsal, Devix sounded like he was made to sing the Arctic Monkeys song that really made him want to be a singer. And on stage, oh yeah! [Bleep], yes even! That was a total rock god moment for Devix. He sounded fantastic and looked absolutely at home in the spotlight. If you don’t hate alt rock, I have a feeling that by the time it was finished you were as obsessed with it as I was. More than evil!

Rowan Grace (Team Blake), “Winner Takes All” – Grade: C- | During rehearsals, the 17-year-old shared that she sang ABBA songs for her parents when she was young. (Well, as even younger Boy.) I wasn’t sure it was such a hot idea to do this though. As much as I want to like her – honestly, I do – that was just… What’s the word? A mess. Pitchy, yelly, everywhere. Not quite a disaster, but pretty close to my ears. Of course I could be totally wrong; The coaches had nothing but praise for Rowan.

The Voice Recap Kique Parijita Bastola Top 13 PerformancesOmar Jose Cardona (Team Legend), “In the Name of Love” — Grade: A+ | After explaining that the Bebe Rexha/Martin Garrix song had put him on a better path (away from isolating and just partying), Omar stepped up to the mic and in no uncertain terms reminded me why I was so high from before had been to him. a lot, a lot of better song selection than we’ve heard from him lately; it allowed his vocals to soar in a way that was… my goodness. It felt damn impossible! Not good, not great, amazing!

Alyssa Witrado (Team Gwen), “Dreaming of You” – Grade: D | Gwen’s Mini-Me sang the Selena hit that once made her realize how much she missed her late grandfather, delivering a roadkill flat performance punctuated by most of the hand gestures we’ve heard since Morgan Myles a few weeks ago had seen. After that, at least, Rowan’s performance didn’t seem that bad in comparison. Alyssa even received a little gentle constructive criticism from Camila (and you). knows how rare criticism is on this show!).

The Voice Recap Kique Parijita Bastola Top 13 Performancesbodie (Team Blake), “I’ll be (500 miles)” – grade: A | oh me right now knew This was going to be amazing from the moment the fan-favorite told us he wanted, as his trainer put it, to embody The Proclaimers’ hit, which made him think of his wife and their life together. He started it slow and thoughtful, then built it into a chorus that sounded delightfully passionate rather than just upbeat like the original. There’s no way Bodie isn’t going to the finals. Dude is a star and a half!

Kim Cruse (Team Legend), “Always On My Mind” – Grade: A+ | The Texas powerhouse was hoping to surprise viewers with a country song — and one she’d come to appreciate on a new level after the death of her grandmother. I don’t know if I would say I was surprised – Kim could sing the phone book and sounded amazing. But goodness gracious, she actually sounded divine here! She took us to church and delivered a recording of Willie Nelson that was heartbreaking and stirring to the nth.

The Voice Recap Kique Parijita Bastola Top 13 PerformancesBrayden Lape (Team Blake), “Come Over” – Grade: C+ | When he sang the Sam Hunt version of the Kenny Chesney number that fell in love with singing, the 16-year-old was more of a shrug than a high-five. He was a bit nervous and so relaxed he might as well have lay down. “You have a future in country music,” his coach assured him. However, I wasn’t entirely sure if he had much of it in this competition. Knowing that Brayden was better, this was a lackluster disappointment.

Eric Who (Team Camila), “Can’t help but fall in love” – ​​Grade: C | Hoping to show America his softer side, Eric dove into the Elvis ballad, which he said he began singing differently after falling in love for the first time. And it was definitely soft. Unfortunately, without his usual flashy stage persona, we found once again that he is an OK singer at best. Cute guy, funny to look at but is he an omar, devix or body? Unfortunately, no.

Morgan Myles (Team Camila), “If I Were a Boy” – Grade: A+ | Feeling that Beyonce’s hit told the story of how much easier her own path as a country singer would have been had she been a man, Morgan absolutely cracked with a poignancy and fire that almost invades the song daring you deny how Well great she is. Probably her best performance to date. Absolutely electric!

The Voice Recap Kique Parijita Bastola Top 13 PerformancesParijita Bastola (Team Legend), “All I Ask” – Grade: A | With the Adele song, which won her first place in a Nepalese singing competition, the teenager – my pick to win season 22 so far – delivered another in an uninterrupted string of stunning performances. The child simply sings like a consummate pro, with as much control as emotion. What else can you say about a candidate who not only can take on an Adele song but rises to the monumental challenge it presents? She is great.

Justin Aaron (Team Gwen), “Break Every Chain” – Grade: A+ | At the rehearsal, Justin explained that Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s song helped him get out of a terrible depression. In this case, his coach wanted him to try and cry. Instead, he must have made many viewers cry. The one-chair turn brought so much intensity to his performance that he almost yelled. “You took it to the next level,” Gwen exclaimed. If you ask me, he leveled it up after that too. super strong!

So whose performances were music to your ears? Vote in the poll below, then click the comments with your ratings. The Voice Recap: Kique Parijita, Bastola – Top 13 Achievements

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