The Voice Recap: NariYella, Grace West – Closing the Blind Auditions

Tuesday’s conclusion of The Voice’s season 23 blind auditions not only introduced four more promising candidates, it also begged one question: WTH Did Alyssa Lazar end up playing the only rehearsal that was truncated almost to nothing? In the five episodes that made up the blinds, the show found time for a Jimmy Fallon gag. It’s time to remind us umpteen times that this is Blake Shelton’s final visit to the rodeo. It found time to gimmick Chance the Rapper and pass the finger-pointing schtick from Blake to “son” Niall Horan. It even found time to trot out a whole bunch of singers who didn’t have a seat in their turn. But it didn’t find two minutes on Monday night to hear us the performance that had led to Alyssa being added to Team Chance? (Read that synopsis here.) Not cool, Voice. Not cool. Before you dive into the subject, let’s take a look at Tuesday’s blinds.

NariYella (Team Chance), “One Night Only” – Grade: A- | As she rocked to the fence, this four-seater hooligan, who has been singing since she could talk, put on a performance so gargantuan that I was surprised she only got a standing O from Chance. I heard imperfections here and there, moments when NariYella struggled and faltered, but the passion and power on display more than made up for it. A real contender.

Grace West (Team Blake), “Maybe It Was Memphis” – Grade: B | This Nashville dog walker, a professional songwriter since she was 16, opened her mouth and all I could think was, “Welcome to Team Blake.” Niall turned, too, but Grace was so rural there was almost no doubt where she would end up (especially after the OG compared her to Pam Tillis). Nice voice, good range, maybe not the most exciting performance we’ve heard (or heard this season).

Katie Beth Forakis (Team Kelly), “Ghost” – Grade: B- | This college student from small-town Tennessee turned out to be absolutely beautiful, no-nonsenseAway-Downplay of Justin Bieber’s hit song. But was anyone else unsure whether it was vulnerable and emotional or insecure and nervous? Not Niall, who got goosebumps, or Kelly, who was also filming for Katie Beth and immediately started dreaming up musical arrangements for the contestant.

the voice recaps nariyella Grace West Blind AuditionsTalia Smith (Team Niall), “Don’t Worry” – Grade: A | As an intelligence analyst for the US Army, Talia took to the stage with a Tori Kelly cover that would probably have stretched four chairs if anyone but Niall had a seat left on their team. She was balanced, energetic, controlled, magnificent. “That had absolutely everything,” exclaimed Niall. And I had to agree. I can’t wait to hear what she does next (and can’t imagine what she does tip Do!).

Which of the recent singers on the coach’s team impressed you the most? And can you think of a reason why poor Alyssa’s blind should be cut? So short in the middle So much filling material? Let your thoughts fly in the comments below. The Voice Recap: NariYella, Grace West – Closing the Blind Auditions

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