The Walking Dead EP: Potential in spinoff about stray variations?

towards the end the Walking Dead‘s 11-season run, the AMC drama has sharpened its focus Variations on walkers – zombies, for example, who could climb or still had enough sensory memory in their rotting brains to pick up and use crude weapons.

And though showrunner Angela Kang is quick to tell TVLine that “I can’t really go into specifics” about possible spinoff talks, she admits that “one of the things we wanted to explore in this mothership version of the Walking Dead is the variant of the Wanderer.

“One of them is the lurkers that we saw,” she adds. “You could even argue that there are certain rules, like with Michonne’s pets. This is a variant of the walkers we saw a long time ago – walkers that climb and pick things up and [so on].”

the Walking Dead spinoff variations by WalkersIn the final installment of the episodes, Kang & Co. reinforced the threat that the variations posed – and perhaps offered yet another taste of what might be to come in the franchise. “We wanted to see what happens when you bet [the variations] in a herd,” she says. “We’re definitely leaving a door open for things for people who’ve been watching too beyond the world. There was a little thing at the end of this series that suggested things might not be going the same way everywhere.

“I think that’s all I can say without getting in trouble with the universe,” she continues, laughing. “That’s more of a question for Scott Gimple,” the franchise’s chief content officer.

What do you think? There’s no way we’ve seen the last of the quickly revived, smarter walkers, have we? The Walking Dead EP: Potential in spinoff about stray variations?

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