Threat to Ruin Outfit for Upstaging Bride Backed

The internet has backed a user for threatening to spill wine on a wedding guest’s dress if she decides to wear it to the user’s stepmother’s wedding.

A person using the username u/attackpoodle94 posted their story on Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum so the “AITA” community could voice their opinions when they were wrong. The viral post has 7,000 upvotes and 500 comments.

The Redditor explained that her father and stepmother were getting married and how they will stand next to their father, while a family friend, “Jill,” will be next to her stepmother. The original poster (OP) set the scene by telling the reader that they were dating their stepmother one day when Jill sent a text with the dress she wants to wear to the wedding. The OP planned on wearing a cream colored dress as it was approved by her stepmother as she wears “pink with champagne pashmina”.

However, Jill’s dress was a similar color to pink and gold.

Throw a glass of wine on the dress
The internet has backed a Reddit user on the AmITeA**hole forum after he threatened to spill a bottle of wine over a wedding guest’s dress.
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There is a lot of wedding guest attire available, but there are some things to avoid at weddings. Wear nothing too similar to the bridal party, wear nothing too revealing and wear nothing too casual, brides magazine recommends. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing white.

The user wrote: “She saw my stepmother’s dress. It’s the same color. To be honest, the dress is also REALLY ugly, like really, really ugly. Also, I wouldn’t say it’s entirely appropriate for a 64-year-old woman, but that’s just my opinion.”

“My stepmother tried to be nice, telling her no, that she’s the bride and her dress would overshadow her, that she’d rather choose a different color, etc. Jill just brushed it all off and said no one was looking at her and around not to be silly. My stepmother is not a confrontational person and will not easily say no. It’s me. And I will,” they continued.

The OP decided to send Jill a text explaining that she was not allowed to wear the dress as it would make the user’s stepmother uncomfortable. Jill repeated the same thing to the OP as she did to the bride.

“I warn her that if she dared show up in that dress I would pour her a bottle of red wine. The whole damn thing. So find something else. No answer,” the OP wrote.

While hanging out with a friend, the OP decided to send Jill a picture of different brands of red wine and asked if she had a “preference.” Jill wrote back that she would not wear the dress.

Some of the OP’s family believe she was wrong when she threatened to pour a bottle of wine on Jill’s dress. The user admitted that he should have let his stepmother handle the situation, but her stepmother is glad Jill isn’t wearing the dress. Her father said it would have been “a shame to waste wine”.

Redditors were quick to defend the OP in the comments section.

“[Not the A**hole]Jill needed to hear this – and fair play for standing up for the stepmom, I’m sure she appreciates it more than she cares to admit,” said u/suckin_diesel, who received the top comment with over 9,000 upvotes .

U/nightlyraver exclaimed, “I had a hearty laugh at this story. It’s really funny to send the photo to the wine department. Not very tactful, but Jill needed to be told what’s going on. [Not the A**hole]but not polite either!”

“[Not the A**hole] sometimes you have to [a**hole] because someone else can’t. It was one of those times,” said u/Loststrawberrypie.

“[Not the A**hole]. More people need to do this to those who are jealous and want to eclipse the bride. Let people have their day! It’s just one day and then you can grab attention again the next day,” explained u/SnazzySusieQ. Threat to Ruin Outfit for Upstaging Bride Backed

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