TikTok is spreading the theory that the solar flare on September 24th will destroy the earth

A doomsday conspiracy theory has circulated on TikTok, with users claiming that on September 24th, the earth will be hit by a huge solar flare. Videos of the imaginary event have been viewed millions of times.

According to Vice, QAnon supporters and conspiracy theorists were quick to point out the connection between this date and an episode of The Simpsons (Episode 9, Season 24) in which doomsday preppers discuss the complete collapse of society.

“September 24, 2022 will be remembered by all of us as a day when we will say, ‘I remember exactly where I was,'” said German politician Friedrich Merz in an ominous clip that circulated on social media became.

No one knows exactly what to expect on September 24th, but the most popular theory is that Earth will be hit by a massive solar flare that is rumored to bring about the end of the world.

end of the world
A file photo of the exploding earth. Theorists claim that September 24th will mark the end of the world as we know it.

Solar flares occur when dark areas on the sun’s surface, called sunspots, cause the sun’s magnetic fields to become entangled. This leads to a sudden burst of light and radiation known as a solar flare.

The amount of energy released by these flares is equivalent to millions of nuclear bombs going off simultaneously, so it’s no wonder people are concerned.

solar flare
A filter photo of a solar flare. TikTok predicts a massive solar flare will hit Earth on September 24th.

But is there substance behind the September 24 doomsday conspiracy?

Analysis of current solar activity indicates that the chances of a major solar flare occurring that day are extremely slim. As of Friday morning, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center had not issued any solar storm warnings.

Additionally, according to NASA, even a large solar flare is unlikely to cause direct harm to humans due to the shielding effect of Earth’s atmosphere. That doesn’t mean it would go unnoticed; High levels of radiation like this could interfere with the high frequency radio signals used in navigation systems around the world.

As of September 23, there are five active sunspot regions facing Earth. SpaceWeatherLive.com, which tracks solar activity in real time, says all of these regions have just a 1 percent chance of producing a Class X solar flare — the largest type of flare produced by the Sun. One region, region 3105, has a 15 percent chance of producing an M-class torch, the second largest type.

This type of solar flare is unlikely to significantly disrupt Earth, although it could disrupt satellite systems and cause an aurora in the Northern Hemisphere.

Global navigation
A file photo of an air traffic control center. A solar flare could disrupt global radio signals and navigation systems.

According to the official transcript of Merz’s speech, the politician wanted to say February 24 and not September in his speech, in reference to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The doomsday of September 24th has been officially debunked.

https://www.newsweek.com/newsweek-com-tiktok-solar-flare-conspiracy-theory-destroy-earth-september-twentyfourth-1745806 TikTok is spreading the theory that the solar flare on September 24th will destroy the earth

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