Titans Recap: Season 4 Episode 6 Fall Finale – Prophecy Fulfilled?

The following contains spoilers from the December 1 episode of HBO Max Titans.

HBO Max Titans into the holiday break by treating fans to one hell of a fall finale.

If I may channel Saturday night live‘s Stefon, who had the episode “Bruderblut”. all. Superhero Strategy. A Main haircut. Sad flashbacks. The questioning of Dick’s preferred nickname. Easy to reoccupy satellites. Experiments in teleportation. A spit of a little (wannabe) lover. A well deserved shine for a hero. A shocking death (?). And a race against time that fell short in a way that the viewer could hardly comprehend. (Where did the titans disappear to?!??!?!)

Titans 4x06

After ignoring Zadira regarding Kory’s “destiny” of killing Sebastian, Mother Mayhem stormed into the Elko’s Diner plane of existence last week to get her boy. After Kory and Rachel showed up at STAR Labs to deliver the bad news, Dick & Co. embarked on a strategy of locating May’s Temple of Azarath, catching Sebastian, and somehow escaping – with just hours until the red Moon.

Titans 4x06Enter Conner kent Luthor with his freshly shaved Lex-like head. Suddenly, Conner channeled his evil father and advocated a merciless slaughter of Mayhem and her minions, but the other Titans (well, most of them) didn’t want it. Instead, Jinx helped the team grapple with the concept of “teleportation” and the delicacy associated with “reorganizing” disguised human molecules.

Meanwhile, we got flashbacks to defining moments from Sebastian’s past – when he was an orphan and had to leave his warmer bedroom to a sick child… when a professor punished him for being too smart… and the night he got an absolutely beautiful girlfriend kissed . Sebastian has been praised for being a stronger person for too long, Mother Mayhem argued, so now is the time to fulfill his potential by drinking some blood and diving into a pool of more.

Titans 4x06Conner bought the Titans time by having LexCorp satellites rally in the sky, reflecting sunlight onto the moon and reducing its “red” quality. Nevertheless, there was a window of minutes in which Sebastian was able to fulfill the prophecy. But while Dick, Jinx et al. devised a rescue plan – Jinx helped Rachel turn it on, after which Kory gave Rachel some of her blue light so the latter could “see” where the Temple is – Conner defected, obtained the Temple address from a LexCorp employee, and attempted a solo heist . Alas, upon arrival at the crime scene and seemingly He burned May with his thermal image, was deceived by her and unceremoniously tied to a pillar.

Titan's White RavenThat left the other Titans to sneak into the temple, where Dick and Kory fought it out with clubs and Gar-as-Gorilla (!) tossed other Acolytes around like rag dolls. As for Rachel, she experienced a big plus when Gorilla Gar shattered a blue crystal and her absorption of its essence completed her transformation into White Raven.

Meanwhile, Jinx sneaked up on Mother Mayhem to ‘freeze’ her with a spell. But only in May faked enchanted, and with Jinx’s vigilance she ran her scepter through the impostor’s stomach. As a bloodied Jinx slumped to the ground, Dick ran to her side.

Titan SebastianRachel and Kory (who now has access to 80% of her potential power) rained white and blue beams of power on Mother Mayhem. However, Sebastian – tired of “being nothing” – continued to drink the ceremonial blood, at which point he let out a supersonic roar that, well, disappeared the titans, one after the other. And after the last Titan blinked away (where?!), Sebastian dove into the pool of blood to complete his fulfillment of the Red Moon Ritual.

what were you thinking about Titans“Autumn finale? And how do you think Dick & Co. will be found/hopefully rescued when the back half of Season 4 arrives sometime in 2023? Bernard, are you busy…?

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