Tom Sandoval apparently has NO new influencer girlfriend from Texas

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Texas “influencer” Karlee Hale as she navigates these difficult times. Poor Karlee has been accused of dating Vanderpump Rules Lothario Tom Sandoval.

Tom packed his OPI Alpine Snow and ran to Texas amid the lingering fallout of his affair with a girl who probably, like Jod, pronounces God. At some point we all make bad decisions and we’re right in the middle at Sandoval. Unfortunately, he takes some people with him into the abyss.

After being photographed with an attractive blonde, internet detectives tracked down the woman who dared to hang out with Tom. It was assumed that she was his new wife after that Rachel Raquel Leviss has reportedly stepped out of their relationship. Now Tom says firmly that they are “just friends”. TMZ has the details.

Sandoval has friends?

A rep for Tom (does he have a rep?) wants everyone to silence someone else’s speculations lowered their standards decided to date a scammer, a pumpkin eater. After performing in Austin with his Venmo band, Tom and Karlee spent time in a group.

Previous media reports If Tom had already booed that woman, God bless her.

According to Tom’s camp, he and Karlee are “just friends.” This is so cute. I vaguely remember Tom being “only friends with Ariana Madix” when he was still dating Kristen Doute. And gosh, Tom and Raquel were “just friends” at the start of their dirty tryst, too.

It might be a good idea to issue a disclaimer for anyone who tries to be “just friends” with Tom in the future, because it’s never going to end well for him. Karlee isn’t currently engaging in much “lobbying” as she’s had to lock down her social media and stay private. Oh no!

The two have been spotted together several times since then. Raquel stays out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. Man, I hope Tom isn’t being dishonest and using someone to cover up his relationship with Raquel yet again. Where’s Tom Schwartz when you need him?

Sleep well my friends. Tomorrow is a big day. The Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion begins TOMORROW (Wednesday) at 9pm ET on Bravo.

TELL US – DO YOU BELIEVE TOM? WILL ANYONE BELIEVE TOM AGAIN? Do you think he’s still with Raquel?

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