Tom Sandoval was spotted with Mystery Blonde at a bar in Texas just hours before Raquel Leviss split

Has Vanderpump Rules Scandoval is finally done with? was Tom Sandoval affair with Rachel Rachel Leviss just a messy plan to escape his relationship with Ariana Madix? Why didn’t he just break up with her and save everyone the emotional turmoil? Do I have to write about “The Bachelor” again? So many questions!

On Tuesday evening, May 16, just hours before it was announced that Raquel had left Tom, he was spotted with an unidentified woman at a bar in Austin, Texas. Trying to remain incognito, Sandy wore a hat and sunglasses indoors. Apparently he had shaved off that nasty pornostache too.

The fan who spotted him saw him standing in line at the bar before returning to a table where a blonde woman with a small dog was waiting for him. Are dogs allowed in bars in Texas? I mean the Pomeranian, not Tom.

Is Tom moving on already?

Sounds like the “psychiatric facility” Raquel checked into a few weeks ago might be able to help after all. Whether it’s in a psychiatric facility, at Miraval Resort in Arizona, or at home with her parents, Raquel has come to her senses. Somehow she was convinced that Schwartz and Sandy’s co-owner wasn’t right for her and gave up.

After his decade-long relationship with his girlfriend Ariana ended, Tom and his ex still live together in their Valley Village home, hopefully in separate parts of the house. They no longer speak to each other directly, but communicate through intermediaries. While Ariana is eager to sell her home and get on with her life, Tom’s equity may be tied up in his businesses. He is also a part owner of the TomTom Restaurant and Bar along with Tom Schwartz and other investors.

So it seems like Scandoval’s long national nightmare is finally coming to an end. If selling her house gives him equity, Sandy should just buy a red convertible and get on with his midlife crisis. However, he has to find a new hobby because his band Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras is not doing so well. Not only is Raquel no longer keen on Tom, but nobody else either.

Vanderpump Rules continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

Tell us: Who do you think the woman Tom was spotted with was with? How long do you think it will be before Tom has another girlfriend? What are you betting on that she’ll be younger than Raquel?

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