“Top Gun: Maverick” is already in its fourth week sharing the top VOD slot

With cinema audiences at an all-time low, recent releases are thriving among home viewers. And not all of them were big hits.

So much for the expected long #1 run for Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount/$19.99). In its fourth week of VOD availability, the film tops only one of the three charts (Google Play) that we follow weekly. Surprising interest in “Beast” (Universal/$19.99) saw the modestly grossing ($31 million) horror film climb to the top of Vudu’s grossing charts in its second week of release, while ” Where the Crawdads Sing” (Sony/$5.99) went for a boost early discount, incl. Leading on iTunes.

But “Maverick” barely struggles with #2 on Vudu and iTunes. Still, neither of the two titles that replaced it seemed like a likely contender to dethrone it.

This week saw notable showings for three leading studios, each hinting at how home play from theatrical releases and windows is still evolving. That includes Netflix’s current top ten, which shows how two of them — Sony and Universal — continue to bolster the dominant streaming site.

Sony is prominent this week in three different ways, all of which are significant. Despite being the most conservative windowed studio for the past two years, it released The Invitation ($19.99) in an unrated version after the horror film’s third weekend, much like Universal does. The modestly performing film didn’t soar, with only one top ten airing (iTunes, #10), but just missed out on Vudu and #15 on Google Play.

The spike in “Crawdads” comes after an unexpected price drop after just a week on PVOD. There was decent business in its first $19.99 week, peaking at #3, despite competition for “Maverick” and the newly released “Thor: Love and Thunder” (Disney/$19.99). It was an unusual move and without access to total earnings, its actual impact is uncertain, but this number should help sustain interest for long.

“Father Stu”

Also interesting is the early appearance of Father Stu on Netflix. Sony, without its own streamer, has an ongoing deal with the platform for its first films. But only recently have they emerged just six months after release (although their vague “Spider-Man” is included in the deal). Mark Wahlberg’s boxer-to-priest biopic was released in April. It’s #1 right now, as even a lackluster play ($20 million gross) can boost a movie. (It’s the second Wahlberg title on their list, with the original comedy Me Time, starring Kevin Hart, also recently hit #1.)

Paramount was another supporter of Long Window, even with its own streamer. This week, they showed a preference for PVOD over theater-exclusives and Paramount+ with “Confess, Fletch” ($19.99). The comedy detective series reboot starring Jon Hamm is #4 on iTunes, just below the top ten on Vudu (perhaps in part because they rank by week starting Monday; this debuted Friday). It had a minor and low-grossing play, with no certainty that had it received a normal wide release (with no trouble finding dates in that market) it would have justified the marketing costs.

Universal with “Beast” has the third. They once again dominate the charts with 14 of the 30 spots, nobody with more than four. The studio has also been a leader among studios at Netflix, despite Sony’s presence, with three titles, all from Illumination Entertainment as part of this long-term agreement. “Sing 2” is on their list most notably in its twelfth week, possibly a record. VOD and streaming have been present since early January.

However, “Beast” is the rare film to rank anywhere from #1 to not make all three charts (#11 on Google Play, ranked by hits, where it’s the 6th best among $19.99 titles compared with #1 on Vudu using earnings). Alongside Maverick and Crawdads, The Black Phone (Universal/$5.99), Minions: The Rise of Gru (Universal/$19.99), Nope (Universal, $19.99 ), DC League of Super-Pets (WBD/$19.99) and Jurassic World: Dominion (Universal/discounted to $5.99), all movies placed everywhere.

The other release to make the list was George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing (United Artists/$19.99), #10 on Vudu. It came out after three weekends and grossed less than $8 million.


“take revenge”


Netflix is ​​studio-heavy this week, with just three of their original films currently in the top ten. “Do Revenge,” which came out this weekend, had a day at #1 before “Father Stu” knocked it out. Camila Mendes (“Riverdale”) and Maya Hawke (“Stranger Things”) star in a comedy about two bullied girls who target each other’s tormentors. Its director/co-writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson wrote Thor: Love and Thunder starring Taika Waititi and has been suggested as a future Marvel director.

Last week’s “End of the Road” with Queen Latifah dropped to No. 6, “Me Time”, which had a good run at No. 1, is still circulating after four weeks.

iTunes and Google Play rank movies by number of transactions daily. These are the listings for September 19th. The distributors listed are current rights holders. The prices for all titles apply to rental.


1. Where the crayfish sing (Sony) – $19.99

2. Top Gun: Maverick (Parent) – $19.99

3. Jurassic World: Dominion (Universal) – $5.99

4. Confess, Fletch (Parent) – $19.99

5. The Black Telephone (Universal) – $5.99

6. Minions: The Rise of Gru (Universal) – $19.99

7. Beast (Universal) – $19.99

8. No (Universal) – $19.99

9.X (A24) – $5.99

10. The Invitation (Sony) – $19.99

google play

1. Top Gun: Maverick (Parent) – $19.99

2. Where the crayfish sing (Sony) – $5.99

3. No (Universal) – $19.99

4. Jurassic World: Dominion (Universal) – $5.99

5. Minions: The Rise of Gru (Universal) – $19.99

6. Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) – $19.99

7.X (A24) – $4.99

8. Everything everywhere at once (A24) – $4.99

9. DC Super Pet League (WBD) – $19.99

10. The Black Telephone (Universal) – $5.99


Vudu ranks by revenue, not transactions, which increases premium VOD titles. This list covers September 12-18

1. Beast (Universal) – $19.99

2. Top Gun: Maverick (Parent) – $19.99

3. Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) – $19.99

4. Where the crayfish sing (Sony) – $5.99

5. Law world: domination (Universal) – $5.99

6. Minions: The Rise of Gru (Universal) – $19.99

7. The Black Telephone (Universal) – $5.99

8. DC League of Superbeasts (WBD) – $19.99

9. No (Universal) – $19.99

10. Three thousand years of longing (United Artists) – $19.99

Netflix movies

Most Viewed Current Ranking on Netflix Daily Chart for Monday 19th September. Originals include both Netflix-produced and purchased titles originally presented in the United States. Netflix publishes its own weekly top 10 based on time of visit on Tuesdays.

1. Father Stu (Theatrical release 2022)

2. Take revenge (2022 Netflix Original)

3. This is the end (Theatrical release 2013)

4. I – Despicable Me 2 (Theatrical release 2013)

5. Morbus (Theatrical release 2022)

6. End of the street (2022 Netflix Original)

7. I – Despicable Me (Theatrical release 2010)

8. Sing 2 (Theatrical release 2021)

9. Me time (2022 Netflix Original)

10. Friday (Theatrical release 1995)

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https://www.indiewire.com/2022/09/top-gun-maverick-vod-week-four-1234764105/ “Top Gun: Maverick” is already in its fourth week sharing the top VOD slot

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