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A pattern is emerging in school shootings and Lauren Chen is here to speak out.

The Aberdeen, Denver and Nashville shooters were all identified as trans, while the Colorado Springs shooter was identified as non-binary. Additionally, just last week, a trans gunman shot dead a sheriff’s deputy. The action was praised by Antifa and the extreme left.

Chen says the perpetrator of the recent Nashville shooting has been “absolutely radicalized by left-wing ideology,” and we shouldn’t be surprised.


Chen believes this is because “the left has, in recent years, acted as if anyone or anything opposed to their radical far-left attempts to qualify the world, including your children, as trans genocide.”

She adds that it “is no coincidence that this attack happened in Tennessee.”

The state has recently passed several laws aimed at protecting children from the LGBT agenda, and the left is not happy about it.

In a tweet by Andy Ngo, he notes, “Radical left extremists and militant #trans activists are threatening to hurt or kill lawmakers in Tennessee in revenge for the state’s ban on underage medical conversion. Their violent threats have increased in recent weeks.”

Chen explains, “What happened is that Tennessee went ahead and said, ‘You know what, when you’re a kid you probably shouldn’t cut off your breasts or have mutilating surgeries or take cross-sex hormones, and even if you are a drag performer, do not perform in front of children. How about that? How about you keep it adults only?’”

While it sounds pretty reasonable to most people, the radical left doesn’t like it — and some even praise the Nashville gunman for identifying as transgender.

Chen pulls up a post from Instagram that reads, “Did anyone else hear the Nashville shooter was a trans woman and think, ‘Good for her?'”

Some trans activists blame the conservative publication Daily Wire because its headquarters are in Nashville.

Chen puts it succinctly: “If a right-wing extremist goes and commits an attack, then obviously the right-wing extremists are to blame for the radicalization. But here’s the catch: if a far left goes in a similar fashion and shoots people, the right is still to blame, because without the right, the far left wouldn’t exist.”

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