Trent Lehrkamp, ​​teenager who ended up in intensive care after an alleged horror hazing incident, breaks the silence

A 19-year-old Georgia teenager who was hospitalized and placed on intensive care ventilation after a horrific alleged hazing incident has spoken out for the first time since the attack, describing that he “has a long way to go to make a full recovery from trauma” – while pledging that “justice will be served”.

Trent Lehrkamp was dumped outside the emergency room after being brutally abused by a group of his colleagues on Tuesday night. The teenager thought he was having a “casual night” with friends, according to a GoFundMe facility set up to help with the teen’s medical expenses.

Instead, he was said to have been covered in spray paint and other substances at a house party Daily mail, and had 23 times the legal amount of alcohol in his system when he was taken to the emergency room. He was reportedly deemed “inconclusive for life.” The teenager was put on a ventilator but was eventually able to breathe on his own and is now recovering.

Photos from the party, which began circulating on social media, appear to show Lehrkamp unconscious in a chair, surrounded by teenagers and covered in an unknown liquid.

“Trent would not know until it was too late that these were not friends but vile and abusive abusers who would torture, humiliate and assault him in inhuman, terrifying ways for hours on end,” reads his GoFundMe page.

According to the site’s latest update, the family has confirmed Lehrkamp is settling into an out-of-state facility where he will “receive the absolute best possible care — mentally, physically, medically and emotionally,” organizer Erika Kelly wrote in a Sunday update. “He will receive full body rest for as long as he needs.”

Sending a message from Lehrkamp, ​​Kelly said: “He wants everyone to know that he is grateful for the well wishes, love and support you have all shown him. He wants you all to know that he is alive and well but has a long way to go to fully recover from the trauma.

“He hopes that with the support he will receive over the next few months he can get back to normal. And he says, ‘Justice will be served.’

Kelly shared photos of the family, which they say “show the true joy of Trent as he is reunited and spending time with his family.”

The message echoes an audio message sent to WSAV’s Brett Buffington, in which Lehrkamp says, “You just have to know it’s going to be a long time before I get over the trauma.”

According to the WSAV report, the family notes it is up to the teenager to decide “whether he wanted police involvement.” The report also notes that Lehrkamp is not on the autism spectrum after false reports surfaced online.

The Glynn County Police Department said last week it was aware of those responsible, and investigators were questioning the parties involved and people identified through cellphone evidence. Trent Lehrkamp, ​​teenager who ended up in intensive care after an alleged horror hazing incident, breaks the silence

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