Troy Aikman says the NFL should take it off when it comes to too many penalties for roughing the passer. Now the woke mob wants ex-QB canceled over his ‘misogyny’.

Troy Aikman — the NFL Hall of Famer who is arguably the game’s best color commentator — said during ESPN’s Monday Night Football that the league should “take off its clothes” on the numerous penalties for rough passing , which were previously called seasons.

As you can imagine, the awakened mob now want Aikman’s head on a platter over his “misogyny.”

Here’s his comment after taking a penalty kick against Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones after attacking Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr:

“I hope that during meetings the competition committee will take care of that and we’ll take our clothes off,” said Aikman, who won three Super Bowl callsigns for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s.

How are people reacting?

Aikman’s comments drew a lot of attention on social media, with the woke mob calling for punishment.

  • “Did Troy Aikman really just say what I think he said? Did he really just say it’s time for the league to take off its clothes?” Sports commentator Jason Page asked. “The 60s called, they want their chauvinist back. Serious @ ESPN… do better than that crap.
  • “Troy Aikman really needs to find a non-misogynist way to criticize the call other than ‘take off your clothes,'” said Chuck Modi — a self-proclaimed “judicial journalist” — said. “And I say that as someone who normalized this misogyny as a child of coaches and even participated in it myself. It has been a long time to end such sports talk.”
  • Rachel Schallom Lobdell, editorial director of Fortune Magazine, written down the “really awful call, but let’s not overlook Troy Aikman’s sexist comment…”
  • “Did Troy Aikman just say he hopes the contest committee will ‘take their clothes off’? Like he’s trying to demean them by calling them women? Does he really mean that?” asked Arielle Orsuto, sports reporter for KUSA-TV in Denver.

Others agreed:

  • “Troy Aikman just got on national TV and said ‘We’ve got to take our clothes off,'” a Twitter user said said. “Can we cancel him as a country so I never have to hear his voice again?”
  • “Troy Aikman is a fool; he needs to be fired,” said another commenter said. “There’s no place for that kind of talk on the radio. There are many people who can do his job; they don’t need Aikman.”

But many – including the vast majority of those who responded to the above tweet with audio of Aikman’s comment – were not offended, tearing up the woke mob:

  • “As a woman who watches RedZone, NFL Network and everything else football related every minute, I found Troy’s comment hilarious, NOT misogynistic!” one commenter said. “So sick of all the PC’s in this country!”
  • “Incredibly hilarious and a comment so overdue for both football and society,” said another user said.

(H/D: The daily wire) Troy Aikman says the NFL should take it off when it comes to too many penalties for roughing the passer. Now the woke mob wants ex-QB canceled over his ‘misogyny’.

Laura Coffey

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