Trump will be Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz ‘can live to regret’ after scandals

Former President Donald Trump may “regret” some of his endorsements in the 2022 midterm election after potentially damaging reports surfaced recently about two Trump-backed Republican Senate candidates.

Political experts who have spoken news week On Tuesday it was said that difficulties with the candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania and candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia could potentially cost GOP control of the chamber.

Walker has strongly denied a report by The daily beast who claimed he paid for an abortion for a former girlfriend in 2009. The former soccer star was openly critical of the abortion, saying in a statement on Monday that the story was false and he would sue.

Walker’s son, Christian Walker, also criticized his father afterwards The daily beast‘s report alleging the Republican “threatened to kill us and made us move more than 6 times in 6 months because of your violence.”

It remains to be seen how the latest claims could impact the Georgia Senate race, where Walker is in close competition with Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock.

Separately a report from Jezebel published Monday reviewed 75 studies published in scientific journals and found that experiments overseen by Oz had caused the deaths of at least 329 dogs and other animals.

Oz is running against Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman for an open Senate seat in Pennsylvania, with a string of recent polls rejecting him.

‘I told you’

Critics who warned that some of the Trump-backed candidates could be difficult to sell to voters may have been proven correct, according to Thomas Gift, founding director of University College London’s Center for US Policy.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had previously questioned the “quality” of some GOP candidates, but has reportedly worked hard to get Republican candidates running.

“With the midterms just a month away, a number of Trump-backed candidates appear to be limping toward the finish line,” Gift said news week. “Whether their plummeting poll numbers are a result of poor campaigning, allegations of wrongdoing, or a broader pro-Democrat election wave, it’s possible Trump may yet have regrets for some of his most prominent endorsements.”

Gift noted that during the primary, “many GOP leaders weren’t thrilled when Trump decided to back candidates like Dr. to confront Oz and Herschel Walker. You might now be able to say, ‘I told you so.'”

kiss the ring

According to Mark Shanahan, Associate Professor at the University of Surrey in the UK and Associate Editor of The Trump Presidency: From Campaign to World Stage.

“Trump has endorsed about 200 GOP candidates active across the country in the midterms,” ​​Shanahan said news week.

Shared image, Dr. Oz, Trump and Herschel
In this combination image Republican US Senate nominee Mehmet Oz, Donald Trump and Republican US Senate nominee Herschel Walker. Trump supported both candidates in this year’s midterms.

“But his endorsements only revolve around the candidates kissing the ring and faithfully professing the Trump lie,” he said, referring to unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

“There is little overt investigation of the former president into his ability, character or likely effectiveness in office,” he added.

“Not surprisingly, this reveals already troubling aspects of some of these candidates, although the success rate of making it through the primary and being ready to face the broader constituency is very high for Club Trump candidates,” he said Shanahan.

Shanahan also acknowledged that many Trump-backed candidates would win in deep red states and it would give the former president “more chance to brag and defend his false claim to the White House.”

“The Trump base remains strong — but the Trump brand is weakened by every tabloid scandal his candidates become embroiled in, and even more so by the creeping litigation,” Shanahan said.

The chances of the Democrats

Candidate quality issues could be a major factor in helping Democrats retain control of the Senate after November.

“All in all, it’s not that surprising that a number of Trumpian candidates are proving to be less than impressive,” said Robert Singh, a professor in the Department of Politics at Birkbeck University of London news week.

Singh said the quality of the candidates is important “especially in national races like the US Senate or state governorships.”

“Many of the Trump-backed candidates lack this. In some cases, like Oz and Walker, they also bring the two-sided nature of celebrity to the table, much like Trump himself,” Singh said.

“On the one hand, it creates recognition because millions of viewers watch TV or sports. On the flip side, it also brings notoriety as some – by no means all – celebrities tend to have colorful lives,” he added.

Singh said it was less than obvious to what extent this fame would endear her “to voters”.

“For some, notoriety is already priced in,” he said. “But in some cases, the activities are either just plain weird — Oz and dogs — or they suggest hypocrisy — Walker paying for an abortion in a party that supposedly values ​​traditional values ​​after a Republican-appointed majority in court was overturned.” Deer vs Wade.

“This indicates that the Democrats have a very good chance of at least retaining the Senate,” Singh said. Trump will be Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz ‘can live to regret’ after scandals

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