‘Tulsa King’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 2

Tulsa KingThe second episode of mafia capo Dwight Manfredi continues his quest to found a criminal organization in the titular city. Back in New York, Dwight’s old mafia buddies have a big problem with him…

After a brief snap of the Mayo Hotel, the episode “Center of the Universe” gets straight to the point: Dwight uses the internet to check on his estranged daughter, Christina. He finds her notes, but an annoying paywall keeps him from the information. (He can access it easily, but the paywall requires the use of a credit card, which Dwight refuses). This self-imposed discomfort affects almost every area of ​​his life; he can’t even use cash to send packages to New York anymore. What gives?!

Meanwhile, Stacy has one of her police buddies look into Dwight’s criminal history. (She admits he bought her a drink, but doesn’t reveal the evening went beyond that.) Later in the episode, we see her in therapy, partly to discuss their recent breakup, partly to join an open-minded party to entrust. Cut back to Dwight, whose confusion at the automatic crosswalk warning is almost as hilarious as his introduction to the center of the universe – a popular Tulsa tourist attraction that’s also an acoustic marvel. The point itself is unobtrusive, but standing in the center blocks any noise you make from reaching anyone around you.

Amused but curious, Dwight goes to the center of the universe and looks around. He quickly spots a white horse exploring a nearby parking lot, but when he calls it, it doesn’t hear him. He calls to a woman standing a few feet away, but she doesn’t hear him either.

Back in New York, Vince (the capo that Dwight decorated at the Paramount+ series premiere) confronts Chickie and demands that he give him the green light to kill Dwight. At first hesitantly, Chickie promises that he will talk to his father about it.

Dwight has Tyson take him back to Bodhi’s Apothecary. After demanding to see Bodhi’s suppliers, Tyson drives Dwight to the bank for a debit card, revealing another “complication”: Dwight needs a valid ID to get a card. The solution is a simple trip to the DPS, a quick written test, and some not-so-subtle bribery, but that doesn’t stop Dwight from complaining. “That’s why people break the law. They make everything legitimate, so damn complicated!”

The man who saw Dwight at the mall in the last episode, Armand Truisi (The sopranos‘ Max Casella), takes a call from an associate who tells him that Dwight is indeed in Tulsa. Armand, terrified that Dwight is there to kill him, panics and hangs up.

Armed with a debit card and license, Dwight returns to the Mayo, but not before receiving a call from Chickie warning him of Vince’s threats. Chickie tells Dwight it will go away with $100,000, but Dwight strongly indicates that he has no intention of paying Vince a dime.

Stacy visits Dwight in his hotel room where she confesses that she is an ATF agent and asks him why he is in Tulsa. She tells him that if he gets into trouble, she can’t help him and abruptly leaves.

Tulsa King 1x02

Dwight, Tyson and Bodhi travel to meet Bodhi’s supplier Jimmy “The Creek” (stranger‘s Glen Gould) Along the way we’re treated to some revealing quips, in which we know that Bodhi’s real name is Lawrence Geigerman and that Dwight was named after Dwight Eisenhower. Jimmy’s cousin, Bad Face, greets them upon arrival and after a hostile exchange of words, they are led into the main house by a nervous Jimmy. Dwight negotiates some crackers and THC-infused apricot jam with Jimmy, proposes a price that satisfies both of them, and then leaves with Bodhi and Tyson. They stop in Commerce, Oklahoma to visit the childhood home of baseball star Mickey Mantle, whom Dwight adores. Pondering fatherhood, he bangs thoughtfully on the rusted walls of the old Mantle barn and finally ends up back at Bred2Buck.

In the closing minutes of Center of the Universe, Armand calls the Mayo Hotel to confirm that Dwight is staying there. Again his suspicions are confirmed and he leaves the conversation more frightened than before. Later, Tyson, whose father doesn’t trust Dwight (and why would he?), comes home late, deepening his old man’s worries.

The final minutes fulfill the promise made in the episode’s opening scene: Dwight, holding a new debit card, unlocks Christina’s contact information and calls her. Through her husband Emory, she makes it very clear that she wants nothing to do with her father and hangs up.

Dwight returns to the center of the universe and tearfully admits that he originally cut ties with Christina his want, not you. He wraps us up with an apology and sets the stage for what is likely to be an equally revealing third episode….

What did you think you were doing Tulsa King‘s second outing?

https://tvline.com/2022/11/20/tulsa-king-episode-2-recap-this-is-why-people-break-the-law/ ‘Tulsa King’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 2

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