Tyler Meyer arrested for threatening Sheriff Mike Chitwood on 4chan

Another 4chan user has been arrested for allegedly threatening a Florida Crusade sheriff – who revealed that, like the last one, this suspect is still living with his mother.

Tyler Meyer, 30, was arrested in San Diego on Friday and charged with making a written threat to kill or harm him. He is extradited from California.

“See you in sunny Florida,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood wrote on Facebook, along with a mugshot of the shaggy suspect.

His arrest came just days after Chitwood greeted another 4chan commentator, Richard Golden, at the airport as he was being extradited from New Jersey for allegedly making similar threats.

Chitwood has become a target of what he calls “keyboard commands” because he speaks out loudly and frequently against white supremacists who have infiltrated his county.

“It’s too bad Mike Chitwood isn’t safe now that I plan to kill him,” Meyer reportedly wrote on a four-channel board that read “Politically Incorrect,” according to the sheriff.

“I’m going to shoot Mike Chitwood. I will kill him by shooting him.”

The FBI alerted Chitwood to the threat and traced it back to Meyer, who eventually admitted to writing it, he said. Guns and ammunition were confiscated from his home when San Diego police showed up.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/tyler-meyer-busted-for-threatening-sheriff-mike-chitwood-on-4chan Tyler Meyer arrested for threatening Sheriff Mike Chitwood on 4chan

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