Underrated FPS titles every gamer needs to play

First person shooters have evolved quite a bit over the years. The genre is a far cry from what it was when retro titles like DOOM and Wolfenstein dominated PCs and consoles. In the modern age, a slew of FPS titles are released each year, some with a single-player focus and others with a heavy dose of content geared towards multiplayer.

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Unfortunately, quantity doesn’t always mean quality, and so many FPS-style games are released each month that gamers sometimes miss out on something truly spectacular when it gets lost in the whirlwind of releases. Over the years there have been many great FPS’s that have flown under the radar and definitely deserve a look from fans of the genre. Here are some prime examples.

hail of bullets

When it was first released, Bulletstorm failed to garner the hype and attention of other first-person shooters. Unfortunately, its 2011 release year put it alongside a host of other shooters, including releases for Battlefield and Call of Duty. With so much choice for players in 2011, the title fell by the wayside.

Those who missed it in 2011 would get another chance to experience the mayhem of Bulletstorm thanks to the 2017 “Full Clip Edition” re-release. This is definitely an FPS that every fan should try thanks to its innovative gameplay elements and high-octane action.

dark clock

Originally released in 2005, Darkwatch was met with solid reviews, with many claiming it was a “good” run-and-gun-style FPS, similar to Halo and other light-hearted FPSs of the time. Unfortunately, its mediocre ratings and single-player focus would keep many fans of the genre away.

Years later, Darkwatch grew into something of a cult following, with many appreciating its simple yet satisfying gameplay coupled with the unique premise of controlling a “vampire cowboy.”

The darkness

Those familiar with The Darkness comic series have likely seen this release all over the place way back in 2007, but for the general FPS fan, it’s possible it flew under the radar entirely. Although it has received rave reviews from some critics, there are many FPS gamers out there who are completely unaware of the title’s existence.

Players would control Jackie Estacado, a character imbued with a Venom-like entity that enabled him to exact revenge on those who had wronged him. It featured a unique mechanic that saw players blend traditional FPS elements with the supernatural control of Hydra-like darkness.

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Those looking for something completely different should check out Painkiller, a seemingly understated first-person shooter that fuses elements of horror and unconditional weaponry to create an FPS adventure that’s truly immersive to experience. While it’s a bit rough around the edges by today’s standards, it was quite the visual spectacle back when it was first released.

It pairs perfectly with games like DOOM and Quake, with run-and-gun gameplay that’s action-packed and even physics-based at times, thanks to certain weapons.

Star Wars: Republic Command

Although gamers have come to expect a lot from Lucas Arts in recent years, there was a time when the company produced Star Wars games that left a lot to be desired. Even so, during this “slump” there were still some officially branded releases that were incredibly fun and well designed.

A case in point is Star Wars: Republic Commando. This title was perhaps one of the most entertaining and engaging tactical-style FPS of its time, with great nods to the epic Star Wars franchise and a cast of characters that many players fell in love with immediately.


Many FPS releases are off the hook by design, drawing on real physics as much as possible, or keeping a military theme. That’s one of the things that makes Prey so attractive. When it originally released, Prey was loads of fun and a solid FPS experience, but it was another title that just flew under the radar compared to some of the bigger AAA releases of the time.

Luckily, it recently got the recognition it deserved with a remake that brought it into the modern age. Whether players want to experience the original release or the revitalized version, Prey is a fun, intuitive, and unique FPS that uses fantastical sci-fi elements to defeat enemies and complete levels.

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