“Upload” Season 3 loses a little of its edge, but it hasn’t yet fallen off the tightrope between satire and slapstick

It may not seem like it given its status as a half-hour streaming comedy, but Greg Daniels’ Upload could be one of the most ambitious shows currently on television. That’s not to say it’s destined to enter the annals of the greats or penetrate the zeitgeist the way the biggest and best episodic projects do, but you can’t fault the sheer number of records it’s spinning at once.

The series is clearly rooted in science fiction due to the overarching premise of a digital afterlife that offers a tiered existence based on your financial circumstances, while also tackling such important themes as corporate greed, capitalism and what can happen , should or will when we die, while also throwing in biting socio-political satire, outlandish asides that would make absolutely no sense if explained to someone who hasn’t seen an episode, and even a bit of straight-up head-body exploding -Horror.

Upload season 3
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The downside is that by rotating the mentioned number of plates at the same time, at least some of them are guaranteed to wobble. Season 3 expands the scope and scope of the premise by focusing most of the narrative and thematic focus on Robbie Amell’s Nathan Brown, who adjusts to the real world after he dies, enjoys the benefits of the virtual Lakeview, and then has been resurrected through a copy of The Human Body is supposed to be given a second chance, but the focus is still a little too spread out across the growing number of key players for it to feel as central as it should.

After finally taking his relationship with Andy Allo’s Nora to the physical level, the two leads continue to develop their fantastic chemistry that lasts Upload together, even if they spend more time apart than you might think. Meanwhile, Allegra Edwards’ Ingrid continues her lifelong obsession with Nathan by exploiting a mistake by the tech gurus at Freeyond to seize a new opportunity by accidentally uploading a duplicate to Lakeview containing his last six months Memories are missing.

On the surface, it sounds like another convoluted “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” storyline for Ingrid, but Edwards actually gets one of the more well-rounded and surprisingly developed storylines in Season 3. Kevin Bigley’s Luke remains the comedy show’s one-time comic relief by continuing to harbor his own bromantic feelings for Nathan, but this time there are at least attempts at pathos after he realizes it may not have been the case at all focusing his platonic energies on a person who is no longer there is the best approach, which coincides with his budding friendship with Zainab Johnson’s Aleesha.

Upload season 3
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She has her own problems connecting to the machinations that are going on Upload from the start, but one can argue that expanding his reach was to his detriment. Even though the tank is hardly empty after three seasons, there are moments where you can feel it running a little too thin, although chances are high that a possible fourth season renewal will offer the opportunity to focus on the core conspiracy point to what unfolds in the eight new parts.

However, the laughs are not neglected either, because the team of authors proves once again that variety is the spice of life when it comes to actual comedy. Whether it’s one-liners spouted by the characters, gags, fever dreams featuring a sentient coconut, shots of Disney’s death grip on its intellectual property, dancing unicorns, or someone’s mother, the Encouraged her son to have sex with his partner while she slept in the same bed, Upload isn’t afraid to get weird or wild when the occasion calls for it.

Upload season 3
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Of course, in a series financed and produced by Amazon that deals with the rampant horrors of corporations and capitalism run amok, the irony is there for all to see, but that hasn’t stopped it The young or I am a virgin deter you from success, and the same goes for Upload. Daniels has clearly been given the freedom to make whatever moves he wants, and while there are inevitably a few mistakes, there aren’t many shows on the network or streaming TV that aim to hit so many targets within 30 or more years such tiny episodes without any worry.

Mileage may vary depending on whether it is the best season or not Upload, but it’s definitely the biggest, and you still feel like there are more stories to tell. It’s hard to predict how this will all end, to be fair, but maybe that’s the point. Just buckle up, buckle up and off you go on the unique off-center and wonderful ride.


Upload returns with a third season that expands on the premise while still delivering everything that made it so popular in the first place. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s entertaining.

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