Vampire Horror Movie Cast Announced

Feedwritten and directed by Marco van Belle, is an upcoming vampire film taking inspiration from the works of Bram Stoker Dracula and Irish folklore. Daisy Jelley (how to have sex), Clinton Liberty (normal people, Red choice) and Niamh McCormack (The Witcher, pasture) will star in the film about influencers battling the original vampire. Accordingly meetingFilming for the film is expected to begin in Ireland in the autumn.

“Given how people are using social media to make their mark and get rich quick, I’m fascinated by exploring the fragility of modern influencer culture by pitting our characters against a ruthless creature that holds true power of influence,” said van Belle.

Jac Kerrin and Dominic Wright (The last shooter) by Ripple World will produce Feed next to Umedia (The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan). In addition, Niamh Fagan will serve as executive producer for Screen Ireland/Fis Éireann. In the meantime, Metro International Entertainment will handle the film’s international sales.

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“Marco has created an original Irish female take on the vampire horror genre. We’ve assembled a wonderful young cast and we’re all hungry to join the production. Feed is a rollercoaster ride of a movie that should keep audiences engaged and thinking hard about what they desire,” Ripple World said.

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The price due

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According to the legend The Irish Road Trip, It’s going ok. The Dearge Due was once a beautiful Waterford woman who fell in love with one of the local men. The only problem was that their love was small, and arranged marriages were common at the time. The woman’s cruel father was determined to marry her off to someone who would pay her generously and would never allow her to marry a farmer.

Instead, the father arranged for his daughter to be married off to the local chief in exchange for land and riches. Not to mention his reputation for cruelty. The daughter was obviously unhappy about this, but could not oppose her father. So the two got married, but the marriage was unhappy. The chief treated her like a trophy and had her imprisoned at will.

Eventually, the woman stopped eating and drinking altogether, eventually passing away. Despite her husband’s wealth, her funeral was propitious. Neither the father nor the chief were very upset about what had happened. But the spirit of the woman, so furious at what had happened, rose from her grave to wreak vengeance.

First she killed her father, then her husband, whose blood she drank. Thereafter, the Dearge Due, or Red Blood Sucker, used her great beauty to lure unsuspecting young men into her trap. However, she grew hungrier with every sacrifice she faced. Eventually she just disappeared. where did she go Well it seems Feed will answer that.

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