Van Jones has been accused of betraying his race for saying Manhattan DA could “resign” from the charge against Trump

Van Jones faced sharp criticism Tuesday after predicting that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would ultimately not pursue a criminal case against former President Donald Trump.

“My take on this is: I think the heat is on this DA. I think he’s going to make a very sober decision and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t step down from the brink,” Jones said on CNN Monday night.

Jones added that the potential case is “proof” that progressives are not “well organized,” even suggesting that Republicans are right to criticize Bragg’s allegedly aggressive pursuit of a weak criminal case.

“I hear my conservative friends say he’s overcharged, it’s so aggressive. It’s so terrible. Welcome to my world, folks,” Jones said. “Prosecutors who charge excessive fees, are overly aggressive, ridicule small things and turn them into bigger things happen every day in America, in every courthouse in America.”

Jones then reiterated that pursuing the case is not “the right way forward” because “history will not judge Donald Trump on the basis of Stormy Daniels.”

How was the reaction?

Jones was slammed for his remarks by liberals and those who welcome the prospect of Trump being prosecuted. Jones was accused of betraying his race and doing the “bid” of white supremacy.

  • “Van Jones is Van Jonesing again. Bid again with white supremacists,” said one critic called.
  • “It made me realize that I hadn’t been reminded that Van Jones existed in over a year and I want to go back to that time,” said another reviewer called.
  • “Van Jones is not a serious person and should not be taken seriously. A sentient ear of corn”, one person called.
  • “Van Jones in his element. Be aware. Skin color doesn’t mean ally,” another person called.
  • “The Black Delegation offers Van Jones & Uncle Remus in exchange for Vanilla Ice. Seriously. Well, take Vanilla Ice over that snigger,” Malcolm Nance reacted.
  • “Van Jones is the Tim Scott of Maggie Haebermans,” Elie Mystal criticized.
  • “Van Jones is a reminder that if someone gets a cable news job and it turns out they’re no good at it, they’ll do *anything* to stay on the air, even if it means helping your network, to increase the ratings to become the contrarian hot-take-jack that everyone tunes in just to hate,” another person called.
  • “Well, it’s good that nobody pays any attention to what Van Jones has to say,” said one critic called.
  • “When did this piece of shit become a lawyer? Van Jones has to stfu because nobody wants his opinion!” another critic called.

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