[VIDEO] Freaks and Geeks Revival – Check out Dungeons and Dragons promo

It’s not our dream freaks and geeks Reunion movie, but it’s the next best thing.

To promote his new film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (Releases Friday March 31; Watch trailer) Writer/director John Francis Daley (formerly Sam Weir) has cast fellow former “Geeks” Samm Levine (who played Neal Schweiber) and Martin Starr (who played Bill Haverchuck). enlisted another round of D&D – just like they played in the series finale of the cult classic Discos and Dragons. And while they never refer to each other by character names, they are back in character.

There is even evidence that they are still playing the same game they started with freaks and geeks. Not only do all three geeks sit in the Weir family dining room, but the D&D board looks virtually the same, as does the placement of the soda cans on the dining table. They also reference Carlos the Dwarf, the D&D character created by James Franco’s Daniel Desario.

“We should probably wrap it up. Its getting late. We’ve been playing for… 23 years,” Sam says, referring to the number of years since the episode that inspired the part that first aired on NBC.

“Man, time flies when you’re playing D&D,” Neal replies. “Well, I should go. My parents are probably worried…whether my parents are still alive.” (Dark!)

Sam goes on to suggest that someone should film D&D, but Neal and Bill convince him it’s “the dumbest idea in the world”. See below:

For the uninitiated: freaks and geeks It focused on Linda Cardellini’s Lindsay Weir, a gifted high school student who befriends a group of burnouts (or rather, “freaks,” played by then-unknowns Franco, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, and Busy Philipps). Sam, Neal and Bill represented the “Geeks”. Despite rave reviews, it was pulled from NBC after just one season and remains a staple of every “TV Shows Canceled Too Soon” list — including our own.

To mark its 20th anniversary, TVLine’s Dave Nemetz made the case for a full-length revival set at the Freaks’ McKinley High reunion, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon. Rogen told it recently People that he didn’t think “anyone would do it” for fear of sullying the series’ legacy.

“It’s so rare that you do something in your career that’s actually only considered good,” he said at the time. “I know enough now not to f-k with it, just let it be and not try to revisit it… just let it exist.”

Watch them D&D promo above and the F&G Scene that inspired her below, then click on the comments with your reactions.

https://tvline.com/2023/03/28/freaks-and-geeks-reunion-revival-dungeons-and-dragons-2023-video/ [VIDEO] Freaks and Geeks Revival – Check out Dungeons and Dragons promo

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