Video of Bizarre Way Flamingos feed young strange viewers

A startling video of red liquid dripping down a flamingo’s face and into its baby’s mouth resurfaced and went viral on the Reddit forum “Interesting as F**k,” garnering more than 12,000 votes.

An enlarged photograph shows a flamingo’s beak on top of another flamingo’s head. A bright red liquid ran down the second flamingo’s face and into the young flamingo’s mouth. This video dates back to 2018, although it has been re-shared occasionally over the years.

“Flamingos make harvest milk in their guts,” wrote u/Yachisaorick — the Redditor who shared the post. “It’s red because, crab diet. They vomit this up on the young, usually one parent at a time.”

Viewers were startled to see two flamingos feeding their young in a viral video that has resurfaced. Above is a picture of a flamingo.
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According to The Spruce, harvest milk is high in fat and protein, and some bird species feed it to their babies shortly after hatching.

“Crop milk is only fed to young birds for a few days until they are able to digest other foods, and parent birds may gradually mix adult food into the young birds’ diet to wean them off the harvest milk,” it says in the article.

The outlet reported that it takes flamingos about two months to develop enough to eat mature food.

“While eating grain milk, they may still be practicing feeding while learning how to use their bills, but they are not consuming enough mature foods to meet their nutritional needs,” the article states.

Although some viewers were shocked, many found the video interesting.

“The dead stare doesn’t help,” wrote one commenter. “I felt like I could hear its silent screams with a beak stuck in its skull.”

Another thanked u/Yachisaorick for the explanation, noting that they thought the video was much more graphic than a bird being fed.

“I thought it looked like one flamingo was poking its beak into the living brain of another flamingo, and the fluid running down the poor bird’s face is a mixture of blood and brain matter,” they wrote. “I mean, that’s exactly what it looks like.”

Others shared that they were also confused until reading u/Yachisaorick’s description.

“This changed everything I thought about flamingos until I read the statement,” wrote one viewer. “Phew, I thought something dark was happening here.”

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The bowl is designed to keep the dip on a chip instead of letting it slide off.

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