Warner Bros. teases some familiar faces and places in the latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer

It’s time to grab your wands, our letters to Hogwarts have officially arrived. We’ll return to magic soon. Expected release on February 10th Hogwarts legacy will amaze gamers around the world. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise have been waiting for an open world game for nearly two decades, and now it’s finally here.

Trailers for the game have been released intermittently over the past few months, each giving us new information on what to expect from the upcoming Warner Bros. experience. The latest, an official film for the game, sets the tone for the start of our enchanted adventure – revealing some familiar faces and locations along the way.

Our eyes can hardly keep up. We see Hogwarts Castle, the Great Hall, the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and even a glimpse of the Forbidden Forest. Give us a moment while we catch our breath.

While the franchise’s most iconic locations make up a large part of this stunning trailer, some familiar names and faces also make an unexpected appearance. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, that slight figure was none other than Nearly Headless Nick – the ghost of Gryffindor Tower.

The Easter eggs don’t stop there though. At some point during the tour, we hear a student shout “Professor Weasley!”, alluding to a name we know all too well. From the information available, it appears that Matilde Weasley (a great-grandmother of Ron) herself became the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts.

Set in the 1890s, Hogwarts legacy takes place long before the events in Harry Potter’s story that we all know and love, and that’s definitely for the best. Placing the game squarely in the past means it’s not tied to the future, but can still offer a hint or two of things that are sure to come.

No matter how you look at it, this open world RPG is exactly what fans have been asking for. Players can customize their own character, learn the mysteries of Hogwarts and embark on a wizarding adventure unique to them.

It’s true that the franchise has recently come under fire for its creator JK Rowling and her comments on the trans community – but the impact she’s had on the game itself is certainly up for debate.

The developers of Hogwarts Legacy have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from Rowling’s opinions. They do their best to change perceptions and make a great game in the process, but understandably, for many, anything that makes Rowling’s money is off-limits.

Now all you have to do is wait for the owls to start delivering their letters. Keep your mailboxes empty, your chimneys swept and your bags packed. Finally we go to Hogwarts.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/warner-bros-teases-a-few-familiar-faces-and-places-in-newest-hogwarts-legacy-trailer/ Warner Bros. teases some familiar faces and places in the latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer

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