Was Bigfoot caught on camera? The new Bigfoot footage, explained

Seeing is believing, but when it comes to the mythical Bigfoot, the many alleged “sightings” of Sasquatch over the years have never been definitive proof of its existence. Many of these sightings were dismissed as hoaxes and viewed as inconsequential when the videos were too blurry to confirm the person’s existence. Of course, that hasn’t stopped new claims from emerging, which now includes a new and seemingly clear sighting of Bigfoot in southwest Colorado.

The video in question was captured by the Denver Gazette’s OutThere Colorado from train passengers in the San Juan Mountains, which stretch from southwest Colorado to northwest New Mexico. The video shows a large, hairy creature that looks like a monkey walking on two legs before crouching down between some brown bushes and blending in with its surroundings.

“The two were shocked when they realized that it was not an ordinary animal but moved on two feet,” the couple who recorded the video told the Gazette. The elephant in the room now is the question of whether this sighting is fake (someone is clearly wearing a Bigfoot costume) or a simple misunderstanding (yes, that’s definitely an animal walking around on two legs before perching on a hill). should be viewed. There’s a third possibility, of course: Maybe it really is Bigfoot, and maybe Bigfoot didn’t mind standing in plain sight while a train full of people strolled by.

Whether you’re watching the comments on the video or diving into the relevant content Reddit In the thread discussing the sighting, the general mood is either disbelief or a reluctance to get caught up in the cycle of speculation.

While some believe that this is a Harry and the Hendersons Just kidding, others are convinced that the video is authentic.

At the moment, this video is just one of hundreds “We saw a Bigfoot” claims are made every year, and will likely continue to be so until a real Bigfoot sighting coupled with hard evidence emerges in the future. Until that happens, each of these videos will remain a hoax at best, and the ongoing mystery of whether or not Bigfoot is actually real continues to distract the masses from more troubling realities.

Lindsay Lowe

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