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Besides the official variants, some of the other remixes of Ubuntu have released new 22.04.1 versions: Unity, Cinnamon, and Kylin.

we looked at Ubuntu Unity and Ubuntu Cinnamon for their releases of 04/22 not too long ago. The new versions aren’t big changes, so we won’t be reviewing them again any time soon. The main purpose of today’s update is to add a few more data points to ours final remix summary.

Kylin is in a slightly different position than the other two. Kylin is basically an official Ubuntu flavor, but it’s intended for use by Chinese speakers, particularly in the People’s Republic of China. It has its own separate website. the reg FOSS Desk has been experimenting with Kylin for a while and we plan to do a full review soon as version 22.04.1 is significantly different from version 22.04.

Ubuntu unit

Ubuntu Unity scores look a little worse than they should be for a lightweight desktop by modern standards. There are at least two valid reasons for this. One of them is that Ubuntu Unity supports both Flatpak and Ubuntu’s own snap format. Although it doesn’t come with Flatpaks preinstalled, that means it’s a bit larger.

Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 comes with the new Unity 7.6 and a funky purple theme

Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 comes with the new Unity 7.6 and a funky purple theme

The other is that Ubuntu’s metapackage for the Unity desktop depends on the GNOME desktop. We’re not sure why. In its day, Unity was a alternative to GNOME, definitely not contain it. It only used GNOME accessories and GNOME’s file manager. Ubuntu Unity maintainers have hidden GNOME from the list of sessions on the login screen and it’s not normally running, but it’s still there and taking up disk space. In our tests, GNOME Shell is installed even if you install the Unity desktop on top of another desktop like MATE.

Since Unity is no longer an officially supported desktop, Canonical is unlikely to fix this. It has bigger, more important bugs to fix. It would be wonderful to see someone in the community edit the metapackage so that it doesn’t also drag GNOME in – the distribution would become a lot lighter.

In terms of memory usage, Ubuntu Unity is one of the lighter remixes. It uses a purple version of its parent’s background image.

Ubuntu cinnamon

Ubuntu Cinnamon surprised us, it’s the only remix that uses more than 16 GiB hard drives. Wanting to keep things as close to the other remixes as possible, we tried again with 18GB, which worked out well. Part of this is because Ubuntu allocates more swap to Cinnamon than any other Remix: 2.1 GiB instead of the 1.7 GiB that everyone else, including Unity, wants.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 22.04.1 hasn't changed much from the previous version - it's just a security update

Ubuntu Cinnamon 22.04.1 hasn’t changed much from the previous version – it’s just a security update

Other than that, not much has changed since version 22.04. It uses a slightly older version of Cinnamon, version 5.2.7, while 5.4.2 is current. As before, you can enable fractional display scaling, but it gets stuck at 1x or 2x.

The Cinnamon remix has potential but needs more work. There are two app stores, Snap Store and Software. It really needs to be updated to the latest upstream version of Cinnamon. Finally, we’d like to see it replace its GNOME accessories with those from the MATE remix, to get classic menu bars again and whatnot. Ubuntu Cinnamon isn’t particularly lightweight, but fractional scaling support could win it out among people using a mix of displays with different pixel densities. We’re afraid that if you want Cinnamon, you should stick with Linux Mint for now.

Ubuntu Kylin

Ubuntu Kylin is a special case. It’s an official variant co-developed with a Chinese software company that has its own independent Linux distribution, KylinOS. which recently became free. Ubuntu Kylin has its own desktop called UKUIoriginally derived from MATE, but now very different.

Ubuntu Kylin is fresh, clean, bright and cheerful, with some of the best parts of Windows 7 and Windows 10

Ubuntu Kylin is fresh, clean, bright and cheerful, with some of the best parts of Windows 7 and Windows 10

We plan to do a full review of Ubuntu Kylin soon, but for now we thought we’d rank it alongside the other remixes. The UKUI desktop is colorful and modern. It reminds us a bit of Windows 7 but with some elements from Windows 10, like the notifications sidebar and the virtual desktop switcher. The app launcher has four different views: a single-column menu or a full-screen app browser with three views – all apps in alphabetical order or grouped by name or function. It’s definitely worth a look. You can get the internationalized edition of Ubuntu’s CD image server.

The payment

11 3.7 75 645 2.2 6 916 2.9 3.5
12 4.8 71 826 2 8th 909 2.7 4.1
12 3.1 79 669 2.4 fifteen 724 2.9 4.9

Round up

The three flavors we’re looking at here are all visibly closely related to their parent distribution. All use Ubiquity as the installer. Both Unity and Cinnamon Remixes use versions of the same wallpaper as upstream Ubuntu, only in shades of purple and brown respectively, and both have essentially the same assortments of apps and accessories.

As we’ve said before, we still feel that Unity has a lot going for it: it’s fast, fairly light, and feels unlike any Windows-like alternative.

Ubuntu Kylin is a little different. It has its own range of apps and wallpapers and its own app store, which is heavily Chinese-influenced. It comes with Chinese input methods, with a switcher on the panel. It looks fresh and modern compared to MATE or KDE. It’s slightly lighter than GNOME and more familiar to Windows migrants. It’s not as lightweight or as customizable as LXDE, LXQt, or Xfce, but it’s worth a look.

The best of the rest

Unfortunately UbuntuDDE hasn’t released a new version for April 22nd yet. The project’s repository has been updated and it’s possible to install the desktop on 4/22, but the maintainers haven’t released a new version of the distribution yet. Too bad, because DDE is an interesting environment.

There is several other desktops out there which of course are still maintained and there is definitely room for more Ubuntu remixes. In the past, in addition to UbuntuDDE, there were also remixes with CDE and the Lumina desktop from the now discontinued FreeBSD variant TrueOS, but these have not been updated for some time.

Some other Ubuntu derivatives are too different to call mere Ubuntu “remixes”. include examples Elementary operating system and Pop!_OS by System76. To hit in its own direction Bodhi Linuxwhich has its own branch of Enlightenment 17 called Moksha. enlightenment itself is now at version 25. When you put these things together, they suggest to us that there is room for an Ubuntu Enlightenment Remix. It’s already in the Ubuntu repositories.

The maintainers of Linux Mint recently described difficulties in working with the GNOME teamand it is not limited to GNOME’s aggressive approach to limiting theme support. The Budgie team has something similar Comments. As a result, future versions of Budgie will switch to using Enlightenment EFL instead of Gtk, and we look forward to the result. ®

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