Wendy Williams cancels performance due to health reasons

That sounds like wendy williams Health is on shaky ground again. One day she’s out and about in colorful paparazzi photos, and the next day more headlines surface that she’s not feeling well.

With her talk show not airing and her plans for a podcast on hold, the former queen of the day was set to make a rare public appearance at Atlanta’s Ultimate Women’s Expo. But just a few days before the event was to take place, page six has reported that Wendy has retired from performing due to ill health.

Wendy’s health and mental health have made headlines in recent years. In fact, Andy Cohen recently revealed that Wendy’s health issues prevented her from appearing on the show Real Housewives of New York City. And now, less notably, it has kept her from attending a women’s fair in Atlanta.

Wendy’s health concerns remain

On The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy was always open about her complications from Graves’ disease and her past struggles with addiction. In 2021, she took an indefinite hiatus from the daytime show to attend to her health. She has since disappeared from public view due to her health concerns. Meanwhile, her friends and family have expressed concerns that she is not doing well. Why was she even booked for a women’s fair?

An insider claimed that “some were pushing to bring her to Atlanta and put her on the stage.” They also said there had always been concerns behind the scenes that Wendy would not be able to perform her keynote speaker duties at the event.

“Wendy’s performance has been rocky at best. One day she can formulate a sentence but the next she can’t,” the insider revealed. “Lately there have been serious questions about whether she will ever get better.”

Wendy’s performance at the women’s fair should net her a $25,000 paycheck. Now that she dropped out at the last minute, the women’s fair attendees receive a pre-recorded apology message from Wendy. Luckily the tickets for this exhibition were free, so it’s not the end of the world. Still, the team behind the fair did their best to remove all references to Wendy’s now-canceled performance from their Instagram page.

Tell us: Do you have any words of support for WENDY during this difficult time?

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