What are Vecna’s powers in Stranger Things and how does he choose his victims?

No wonder Vecna ​​is in stranger things is a powerful villain, but what exactly are his powers and how does he choose his victims? Here’s everything you need to know.

Not just Netflix’s strongest villains stranger things, but Vecna ​​​​can certainly be considered the strongest villain in the TV series world. And yes, the scariest looking one too. He is far more powerful than Demogorgons and the Mind Flayer. What makes Vecna ​​an even more interesting character is his past as a human and evil motivation to become a monster. Who would have thought that innocent-looking, introverted Henry was the real king of wrongdoers.

We saw the monster kill the Hawkins teenagers in the most brutal way imaginable. But out of all the humans, how exactly does Vecna ​​choose his victims and what are his real powers? If that’s not clear to you either, here’s an explanation.

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Vecna’s power in stranger things explained and how he chooses his victims

We’ve seen Vecna ​​controlling his victims’ minds long before the day he plans to kill them. Once he gains control of the mind, he traumatizes them by showing them the visions of their dark past. He leads them to unknown places and gives them a glimpse into himself. The pain of his victims doesn’t end there. Every single one of his victims also suffers from nosebleeds and severe headaches. Vecna ​​​​can easily connect to its prey remotely and control it at any time. His powers are very similar to Eleven’s, but he is much stronger and more experienced than them.

Mind control is only the beginning of Vecna’s torture. After messing around with them for a while, it’s finally time for him to take control of the victim’s body. Vecna ​​levitates his prey in the air, breaking their bones and eventually exploding their eyes, draining their life energy and killing them once and for all. Its strong tentacles also play an important role in holding down its victims as they attempt to escape from its realm. With every single person he kills, Vecna ​​creates a new door to the upside-down world, increasingly connecting the two worlds.

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Now how does Vecna ​​select his victims? Using his telepathic powers, he can easily go through any memory in a person’s mind. So he purposely chooses the person with a weak mental state and one with a tough past as it is easy to take control of their mind.

List of victims of Vecna

The list of all of Henry Creel aka Vecna’s victims would be long, but here is the list of some of them.

1. Alice Creel (sister) – March 25, 1959
2. Virginia Creel (mother) – March 25, 1959
3. dr Ellis—September 8, 1979
4. Chrissy Cunningham – March 21, 1986
5. Fred Benson – March 22, 1986
6. Patrick McKinney – March 1986

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