What did people say about Sean Suiter’s death?

The death of Detective Sean Suiter on duty on November 16, 2017 remains controversial to this day.

The Baltimore Police Department detective died of a gunshot wound to the head a day before testifying in court in the Gun Trace Task Force case, whose corruption scandal is being investigated on HBO We own this city.

Suiter was shot dead after shooting at a vacant lot in a West Baltimore neighborhood. Police later claimed that Suiter was shot with his own gun, which was found under his body baltimore sun, and his death was officially ruled a homicide by a coroner.

However, an independent review panel that later investigated Suiter’s death described his death as a suicide, which his family has vehemently denied.

What did people say about Sean Suiter’s death?

Sean Suiter and Jamie Hector
In this combo picture Detective Sean Suiter (R) and actor Jamie Hector who plays Sean on the series We Own This City. Baltimore detective Sean Suiter was killed with his own gun in 2017, just a day before he was due to testify before a federal grand jury in a case involving other officers.

In which We own this city finale, which aired Monday, May 30, Suiter’s death is presented in such a way that there is no definitive answer as to whether his death was a homicide or a suicide.

This was something actor Jamie Hector, who plays Suiter, appreciated about the HBO show, and he shared it news week: “I feel like the show is talking about exactly what it knows, you know…that’s what happened to Sean, to the point where we don’t know what happened to Sean.

“Because we don’t know if he took the money, because we don’t know if this happened, everyone has their own opinion on what happened. There was one study that leaned in certain directions, right?

“Personally for me, because there was no eyewitness to the situation and he has a family that has to live with it too, they did a great job of telling the story of what happened to Sean.”

Let the audience decide

The show’s co-creator, David Simon, added: “I think in the interests of viewers, we should just let people experience what the familiar moments are, what’s been witnessed, and let people decide how they want to.”

“If you ask me individually … I think basically if you’ve read the independent reviews, if you’ve walked the floor, if you’ve spoken to investigators, if you’ve looked at what was on that file and the reasons they had because he was out there and what is the physical evidence of this, this man took his own life.

“It’s not as satisfying, it’s not as dramatic as the idea of ​​him being murdered for wanting to testify before the grand jury, or all the other narratives that you could possibly conjure up, but it’s the one that actually does.” fits the evidence.”

The cable The creator continued, “We’re trying to address that while also leaving room for people to understand that it’s still a contention in Baltimore and likely always will be. It’s one of those deaths that will be.

“I think everyone sees it through the prism of their own politics, perhaps even more than through the prism of factual evidence.

“Nevertheless, it’s a tragedy and heartbreaking because whether or not Suiter was involved earlier in his career, he had gone beyond that to become a competent death investigator and someone who wanted to be a police officer for the right reasons.” But the past came and called him.”

Evidence points to suicide

Per the Baltimore sunThe Independent Review Board report states: “The evidence simply does not support anyone other than Detective Suiter himself, who fired the fatal shot.

“Nor does the evidence support the conclusion that Detective Suiter accidentally fired that shot. Only this tragic scenario remains.”

Suiter’s family have refuted that conclusion, saying, according to the publication, that he was a “distinguished detective” and “in good spirits in the days and weeks leading up to his death,” so he could not have taken his own life.

In October 2020, Suiter’s family received a $900,000 settlement from the city, and according to FOX45 News, his wife Nicole said, “This settlement is just the beginning of the approval process.

“You don’t win worker’s compensation lawsuits unless you’re injured, injured or killed on the job. This is my first step in acknowledging that Sean was murdered. The beginning of what my family needs, which is peace of mind. Sean cannot rest in peace until justice is done.”

In a December 2021 interview with FOX45 News, Jeremy Eldridge, Suiter’s family attorney, provided an update following the release of the HBO documentary on the detective’s death. The slow going.

He said: “We really hope the mayor can step in and make sure Sean Suiter’s family can finally graduate and finally move on, and we can call this a murder, which it always was, just like the lead coroner said . “

The attorney added, “It tells a story that if Sean Suiter, a good cop, can’t get a fair and just investigation, then what can every other victim expect?”

“Didn’t get the justice his family deserved”

Eldridge also spoke about Suiter’s death in the documentary, in which he claimed that Suiter “really didn’t get the justice his family deserved”.

D. Watkins, who is part of the writing team for We own this city and also appeared in the slow going, spoke to AFRO News about Suiter’s untimely death in January 2022 and said he believes the detective was murdered.

Speaking of the investigation into Suiter’s death, he also told the publication, “I won’t say it was ignored, but the fact that the attention given to the death of one of her own wasn’t a top priority for her was strange for her.” me.

“I definitely feel like if it was a white male it would be a whole different story. But he’s not a white man. He’s a black man with a black family.”

We Own This City is available to watch in full on HBO Max beginning Tuesday, May 31.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts, you can get free, confidential help from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call 1-800-273-8255. The line is available 24 hours a day, every day.

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