What does Kuma’s devil fruit do in One Piece? The Powers of the Paw Paw Fruit, Explained

The following article contains spoilers from the latest One piece Chapter.

It’s been a long time One piece Fans united in a simultaneous depression from watching Kuma use the Paw-Paw Fruit on Zoro. Today we cry together again – only this time because of Kuma himself.

We’ve gotten used to Kuma as a recurring character in the story. He went from being an antagonist (at least we thought he was) to being a war machine, abused and manipulated by the world government. Nowadays we all know Kuma as one of the nicest characters ever One pieceeven if his actions were influenced by the World Government’s agenda.

Despite this knowledge, Kuma’s backstory remained a mystery until recently. We found out that he is Jewelry Bonney’s father, a privateer and even a priest. In addition to all this information, we also learned more about his incredibly powerful devil fruit and what it can do.

What powers does the Paw Paw Fruit have?

Kuma makes Luffy's blister paw out of pain in One Piece
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The full extent of the Paw-Paw Fruit was never fully revealed. In fact, it may still hold some secrets, but we are better informed than ever. Let’s quickly summarize what we already know about the Paw Paw fruit. First, it is classified as a paramecia fruit, which grants its user superhuman abilities or at least the ability to perform superhuman feats.

We know that the fruit involves several techniques. It is capable of repelling virtually anything via the user’s palms, where the paw pads permanently manifest themselves. This means that the user gets the ability to push anything at will with great speed and power. The target can be tangible materials such as people or objects or abstract concepts such as pain, fatigue, memories or gases.

When it comes to pain, memories, or fatigue, the blister cannot simply disappear or be banished into the unknown. Someone has to consume the bubble of pain to make it dissolve; otherwise it falls back to its original recipient. We learned part of this when Zoro decided to endure Luffy’s pain rather than let his captain suffer, and most recently when we see Kuma pushing his own memories into a paw bubble, which Bonney later accesses.

How did Kuma get the Paw Paw fruit?

Kuma makes the Straw Hats disappear in One Piece
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We’ve long known that Kuma is an important warrior for the World Government, having toiled himself to ensure his daughter’s safety. However, the backstory of his devil fruit remained a mystery until recently. As it turned out, the Paw-Paw Fruit was in the hands of the World Government and was used as a reward for the manhunt before the God Valley Incident.

In the midst of this major showdown between some of the world’s top powers, a young Kuma, along with Ginny and Ivankov, managed to get their hands on the Paw-Paw Fruit, which Kuma was eating. From then on, the privateer made it his mission to help villagers and outsiders by taking on their mental and physical pain. Unfortunately, Kuma’s kindness came at a high price: she endured extreme physical agony and suffered internal bleeding at least once a week.

These days, we’ll likely see more of his fruits in action in flashbacks relating to God Valley and Sorbet, as well as Seraph S-Bear, who gained similar abilities through a transfusion of green blood.

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