What does the future hold for sports NFTs?

Sports NFTs have become a growing part of the NFTs market and allow fans to collect virtual memorabilia, digital trading cards and more. These nonfungible tokens, to use the full term, are digital assets created on the blockchain and represent trading cards, digital memorabilia, standout moments from sport and other different types of sports items.

Issuing sports NFTs gives sports stars, clubs and brands a new opportunity to generate revenue, and at the same time allows fans to connect with them. Some fans might even want to learn how to create NFTs of their own to sell. Below is a look at why NFTs are so popular and at potential future trends that could emerge in the world of sports NFTs

What makes sports NFTs popular?

Sports NFTs have really taken off, and people buy them for various reasons. Here are a few why sports NFTS have become so popular.

Novelty value

NFTs are still an emerging technology, which makes the people who buy them “early adopters.” These people are risk takers and trend setters. They like to be the first to try something new. Even if NFTs are just a passing trend, they want to be part of it.

NFTs can be used for gaming

Trading cards are just one type of NFT gaming that is taking the market by storm. People who buy gaming NFTs do so because it allows them to own part of the game. They like being able to buy or sell NFT cards to other players or from them.

NFTs are a type of investment

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of NFTs is their potential to earn the owner money. When they first came out, no one could predict how valuable NFTs such as the Bored Apes would become. Savvy investors, however, know not all NFTs are going to be as profitable as the Bored Apes are. They understand that buying NFTs from emerging gaming developers, artists, etc is immensely speculative, but, at the same time, is also a way to support them.

NFTs are collectibles

Sports teams and individual stars are creating NFTs as a way to connect with fans. Some of these NFTS carry bonuses such as VIP passes, meet and greets, and access to exclusive merchandise.

Future trends in the world of sports NFTs

As the sports NFT market is still developing, the sky is the limit for sports NFTs, and the market could see a wide range of impressive trends. Here are a few the world might witness:

Season ticket member NFTs

A lot of teams are already considering ways for tickets to become digital tokens. Holders can gain access to special content in the real world or the stadium experience. The NFTs could be a verified pass to whatever special content the team creates and offer the benefits season tickets traditionally offer, such as concessions at the stands and access to special areas of venues.

The tokens may go even further. STMs may receive special edition collectible NFTs for the games they go to. The NFTs, in time, are likely to become a standard part of membership and something holders will want to show off in return for their loyalty.

“Before they were famous” trading cards

Multiple organizations have already teamed up with NFT companies to create digital trading cards, and this has become more than just a phase. The next logical step would be to create “before they were famous” collectibles featuring college NFTs, minor league players and college prospects.

This is actually already starting, and within a year creators will all be able to produce and sell NFTs, just using the click of a button. Professional-looking videos are starting to appear. Imagine a video of a high-school basketball genius slam dunking the ball and later going to become the NBA’s next biggest star. How much will the original video of that then become worth?

Virtual access tokens

These tokens are, really, just an extension of loyalty programs. Within games, they could offer a different viewing experience for fans who wish to attend games but can’t. A limited number of token owners could receive access to exclusive video content, such as cameras on the bench and player cams. Fans might even be able to interact with players and other fans in a virtual setting. Beyond the limits of a live game, virtual tokens could provide digital enthusiasts with the kind of access they’ve proven themselves willing to pay for.

Sports NFTs give fans the opportunity to own unique sporting memorabilia, and allow clubs, sports stars, brands and fans to connect with each other. These digital assets have really taken off, and since this is a market in its early stages, fans can expect to see lots of exciting developments in the world of sports NFTs.

Huynh Nguyen

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