What is Marvel’s Children’s Crusade? Disney Plus series Young Avengers rumors explained

Marvel isn’t called the “House of Ideas” for nothing, as the studio rarely completely abandons a concept and instead takes it in a new direction when it doesn’t work the first time. For example, while DC’s history is haunted by the ghosts of films that never met their release dates, even canceled MCU projects have a habit of eventually making it to the screen in a new form. How Armament wars be a film, not a Disney Plus series or In people going in the opposite direction (not that that went well, but hey ho).

One IP that we’re pretty sure is currently undergoing this treatment behind the scenes is this Young Avengers, a team that Kevin Feige has clearly supported for several years now, even if there’s no self-titled project on the docket for the next generation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, it’s entirely possible that we now know the fateful production that sees Kate Bishop and company finally come together, and that it could rise from the ashes of a scrapped sequel series.

Vision Quest Rumor has it that it was remade into another MCU project

Vision series for Disney Plus in the works
Image: Marvel Studios

Remember Vision Quest? While it was never officially announced, it has long been an open secret that Marvel was working on an addition WandaVision Spin-off next to it Agatha: Circle of Chaos Darkhold Diaries, all about Paul Bettany’s White Vision. However, that appears to have fallen by the wayside at this point, as showrunner Jac Schaeffer and her team removed the project from their WGA profiles after the writers’ strike ended.

That doesn’t bode well for those of us hoping for more members of the Maximoff family, but thankfully there may be a silver lining for fans of TV’s strangest clan not named Addams or Munster. According to a rumor from CWGST Vision Quest is being retooled into another Disney Plus name The Children’s Crusadebased on the comic story of the same name starring Wanda and Vision’s twins Billy and Tommy.

While this is obviously unconfirmed information, it fits with previous reports that a Wicca solo exhibition is in the works. Let’s not get it to So I’m excited at this point, but that’s still reason to be cautiously optimistic.

So could the Young Avengers finally gather here?

Wicca – Billy Kaplan – Marvel
Photo via Young Avengers/Marvel

So what is it? The Children’s Crusade? Presumably this theoretical show would be based on that Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, which – despite the title – is a Young Avengers story. After the Scarlet Witch’s collapse House of M, Billy/Wiccan and Tommy/Speed ​​want to see their long-lost mother again to reveal that they didn’t die after all. It’s easy to see how this arc could easily translate into the MCU at this point in the timeline, with Wanda’s dark turn Doctor Strange 2 a direct replacement for House of M.

In the comic arc, Billy and Tommy are accompanied on their crusade by their Young Avengers teammates, all of whom – except for Hulkling – are already in the MCU. And with rumors that Hailee Steinfeld is recruiting Kamala Khan The wonders, the conditions have been created for the group to merge in the near future. We have confirmed so little Agatha at the moment, but we’re all pretty sure Heart stopperJoe Locke plays Billy, and it would be a natural progression to give the lead role in one of Netflix’s most popular series his own Marvel Disney Plus series.

Who knows, maybe we’ll talk about it The Children’s Crusade will lead to nothing, but one day the Young Avengers will have to gather somewhere. Otherwise, they’ll age so much that we’ll just have to call them the Avengers.

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