What is the temporal loom in Loki Season 2?

The multiverse has been a headache for Marvel fans for several years, and the only MCU project to give us satisfactory answers to it so far was Loki. Luckily for all of us, the acclaimed Disney Plus series is back for a second season and has already done more to advance the franchise’s plot in one 48-minute episode than entire television shows (*cough*) Secret invasion) and movies (*cough* Quantumania) have done it in the past.

If you’ve been wondering how exactly He Who Remains won the multiversal war and stopped all the genius Kang variants from killing each other in their violent quest for domination of time and space, the first episode of LokiIn the second season the explanation came about.

What is the Temporal Loom in the MCU and how does it work?

Owen Wilson as Mobius in Loki
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Thanks to Ke Huy Quan’s fantastic new character in Loki – the lone TVA engineer Ouroboros, but friends (or rather a friend) call him OB – we now know the technology He Who Abide uses to create the Sacred Timeline. More importantly, we got a clear visual representation of the device, which will undoubtedly serve as a good reference when the details of the multiverse theory get muddled in our heads.

Quan, Hollywood’s resident expert on multiversal theory, tells Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki all about the Temporal Loom in the new episode of the Phase Five series. It’s a collection of rings that refine raw time “into a physical timeline,” he says. The device captures the raw energy of the multiverse and weaves it into a manageable strand of parallel realities, all of which have the same baseline – that baseline being the events that lead to the existence of He Who Remains, only Him and no other species by Kang variant that could threaten the Sacred Timeline. As we learned in Season 1 of the series, any threads that deviate from the Sacred Timeline are pruned by the TVA, and any new variants are absorbed into the organization and transformed into brainwashed officials who, in turn, keep the system running.

Sylvie, a Loki variant who went rogue and decided to destroy the TVA by killing He Who Remains, caused the disruption of this made agreement. TVA officials are now aware that the Time Watchers they supposedly wanted to answer to were android fronts for their true master, now dead. There’s also the small question of learning that they were taken out of their timeline and subjected to eons of dictatorial rule and indoctrination by this man. So it’s understandable that carrying out their routine of timeline trimming and variant abduction is the least of their worries at the moment. As a result, new timelines are forming at an uncontrollable pace and the Temporal Loom is in danger of becoming overloaded and, well, probably exploding into multiversal chaos.

OP’s priority was to seal off the TVA so that the organization, which exists outside of time and space, could be protected from temporal radiation long enough for him to somehow retrofit the Temporal Loom to accommodate as many new timelines . Ke Huy Quan once again remains responsible for saving the multiverse, and honestly, there is no one I would trust more for the task.

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