What Makes an eSports Player Great?

The best players in eSports can achieve feats that normal gamers could never dream of. Whether reacting faster than anyone could notice or reading the field with an almost supernatural clarity, the feats achieved by the best of the best are accomplishments that are easy to appreciate. As for what makes these feats possible, that’s a more complicated question. Up-and-coming players as well as those who are simply interested in what makes the best players special need to know a few things that make a player the ‘best’. 

Genetics Do Matter

They might be digital sports, but like any other sport, your luck in the genetic lottery does play a part at the highest level of play. Exactly how much depends on the game, where strengths might matter a lot in one title but winning is dependent on good luck in another.

In a fighting game, reflexes and the ability to build muscle memory are prime attributes. These can be improved with practice, but the upper limits of what can be achieved can depend on a level of brain makeup that can’t be bridged by effort alone. In a card game, however, reflexes hardly matter at all; the best players are those who can calculate odds on the fly and predict their opponent’s deck.

Practice Smarter, Not Harder

Practice might not always make perfect, but it can act as the difference between an elite player and one who is just ‘pretty good’. As players who are better than their friend groups can attest, just playing a game over and over could improve your skills, but this approach is always going to hit a limit. For the best players, practice is about more than just playing round after round. It involves learning small individual skills and slowly adding them into regular play.

Fighting games offer some of the most pronounced illustrations of this idea, thanks in large part to their emphasis on training rooms. These let players practice combos, counters, setups, and distance work all one at a time under sterile conditions. Once fully internalized, these can be included unconsciously in regular play, building an overall skill set that can make you the best at that game.

Equipment Counts

A difference in gear is important in many sports, and this effect is more pronounced in video games than it is in many other forms of competition. In the online environment, a system’s performance will often dictate maximum player potential, where failing to meet a high standard will hold players back.

Two of the primary performance factors that affect a player’s abilities are frame per second (FPS), and latency (ping). A better frame rate will produce more visual clarity, while a lower latency will more quickly synchronize their movements with the server, which allows a kind of faster reaction. Improving these aspects, like following a better ping Fortnite guide to change display settings or turn off background programs can help players get the best out of their existing hardware. Otherwise, direct hardware upgrades can also help to enhance the game and thus player performance.


The days of becoming best by prioritizing quantity over quality play have gone the way of the dodo, at least in the professional gaming sphere. Being the greatest eSports player involves the right practice, having the right setup, and being blessed with fortunate natural potential. Luckily, at any level below the best, being unexpected and clever can be enough to perform extremely well, and as long as you can frustrate your friends, isn’t that really victory enough?

Huynh Nguyen

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