What will become of the world’s most annoying trends and habits in the new year? Pipit and I sat by the fireplace and found all the answers for you.

To celebrate the debut of 2023, I donned my best suit, settled comfortably by the fireplace, lit a cigar, and slapped Pipit on the bottom—my trusty dog ​​I found on an Amity Island beach mid-vacation . 1970s – and together we found out what will become of the world’s most annoying trends and habits in the new year. (Plus, we also gave you a bright spot to look forward to.)

But now let the lamentation begin:

I have a lot of problems with you peopleyoutube

Motorists will continue to back vehicles into parking spaces

It almost never fails. Most of the time, when I’m looking for a spot in any parking lot, I’m waiting for drivers who are taking an inordinate amount of extra time to reverse their vehicles into parking spaces.

I have never understood this phenomenon. The normal among us know that it is easy and fast to drive
Forward into a parking space – and then there is all the space in the world to drive out of this space safely and relatively efficiently.

support into a room? These practitioners choose to take longer—often significantly longer—to do what would otherwise take seconds to complete while people like me wait. And wait. And wait. Yes, yes, I know there are tried-and-true methods for going into whitespace without much trial and error. But even if every driver used them, reverse parking would do quiet take longer! And I’ll wait even longer.

And in the interest of perpetuating gender stereotypes, are any women on the planet actually returning to parking spots? I swear it’s a man thing.

Why do guys go back into parking spaces – reverse parkingyoutube

I wish reverse parking would go the way of the dinosaur, but unfortunately I don’t see an end in sight in 2023.

Shoppers will continue to use the wrong door

Unfortunately, most of the time when I approach a store’s double doors – whether I’m getting in or out – I’m accosted by people going in the opposite direction and using them
left door.

God created double doors for us all to get in and out of
right hand Door. No fuss, no must. Smooth pedestrian traffic. Also, this is ‘Murrica. We drive in the right lane; We should go through the right door. but nooooo. Instead, most people seem addicted to using the left door – and that messes everything up.

How to do it:


This is wrong!

blankPhoto by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The worst? When I open the right door to enter a shop and land
keep open for people exiting the building through the same door—the one reserved for me by divine decree—while leaving a perfectly functioning door on their right untouched.

In 2023, this sacrilege will continue – as will my frustration.

Hollywood will release a film that uses only a vertical frame

It seems that most phone users can’t get enough of the vertical frame when shooting videos. It is of course normal to hold the phone vertically as this is how cell phone users usually see their phone. But to shoot videos? Pooh.

Folks, there’s this thing called “wrist rotation.” You can use it to rotate your phone “horizontally” so you get that thing called “wider shot” — and then you don’t have to resort to ridiculous panning right and left, over and over, over and over again
quiet Hold your phone vertically.

Still, I predict some Hollywood mogul will release a movie shot with only a vertical frame this year, either out of revenge or popularity. That way, ticket buyers who shoot their own videos vertically can enjoy a movie that annoyingly only captures a fraction of the action, leaving other things happening left and right unseen.

Oh, it’s a thing, alright:

Why Vertical Filmmaking Is The Future Of Cinema (How To Make The Best Vertical Films)youtube

People will continue to abuse and confuse “lose” and “slack.”

Despite my grammatical preference – not least because of my job – I ignore most rule violations. But one thing has bugged me for as long as I can remember: the abuse, confusion, and total sloppiness surrounding the words “loose” and “loose.”

Now listen to this: They are different words with different meanings.

For example, while I love seeing “America’s Team” defeated as much as the nearest Eagles fan, when I come across another person proclaiming on social media that the Dallas Cowboys are “losing this game,” I could only blow a seal.

Therefore, out of respect for my poetry, please – please – pay more attention to your use of “loose” and “loose”.

But I won’t hold my breath this year to improve.

People will finally stop saying “right” after every other sentence

We’ve been exposed to this terrible trend for several years, haven’t we? Everywhere people often utter “right” after a sentence, right? Turning what else is a statement into a question when it really isn’t a question, right? Gets under your skin after a while, doesn’t it? I know right?

I’m not sure why I’m coming to this conclusion, but like other spoken-word fads of the past, something tells me that the “right” suffix will also fizzle out in the next 12 months.

To sweeten the pot for its downfall, if you get rid of all the “right”, I’m ready to bring this one back to life:

Wazzup! complete collectionwww.youtube.com

Hooray! A big ray of hope in 2023!

Pipit and I promised you a little bit of hope for the New Year, and we deliver. In 2023, crowds of teens and young people will become fans of the right music. That’s right: classic rock.

How do I know? If you’re not a regular YouTube user, you’ve probably missed the steady growth of music reaction videos. Such clips are dedicated to the real-time responses of people who are listening to certain songs for the first time. The thing is, though, these YouTubers don’t usually react to the latest creation from Adele or Taylor Swift; Instead, they go back to the days when popular music was created by artists playing their own instruments, writing their own melodies, and recording them to real tape. Plus, they did it without today’s technology that can fix flat or harsh vocals on the fly, or fix a bad guitar lick or drum fill with the push of a button. In short, back to a time when music was real and musicians and singers had to be talented.

There is indeed hope for this next generation. Check out a few examples below. (Content Warning: language):

Teen Reacts To Boston – More Than Just A Feeling!!!youtube

The Spirit of Radio – Rush | College students’ FIRST REACTION!www.youtube.com

Don’t you feel better already? I do. Happy New Year!

But now I can’t find my dog. beeper? beep! beeper!!!

https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/worlds-most-annoying-trends-and-habits-2023 What will become of the world’s most annoying trends and habits in the new year? Pipit and I sat by the fireplace and found all the answers for you.

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