What X-rays of ‘alien bodies’ in Mexico reveal

Two small “non-human” bodies presented to the Mexican Congress last week underwent a CT scan and X-rays to determine their origins and confirm whether they are aliens or “not part of our terrestrial life evolution.” “, as the self-proclaimed UFO expert who introduced them said.

The small humanoid specimens were presented by Jaime Maussan, who claimed they were discovered in Peruvian mines and are “about 1,000 years old, from ancient times,” based on carbon analysis by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Any body roughly comparable in size to a newborn human baby has eyes, ears, and a clearly visible nose.

However, online skeptics claim that they appear to be the same specimens featured in a 2020 documentary published on the conspiracy-oriented website Gaia, which paleontological experts concluded were a combination of human and non-human bones with mispositioned joints.

The CT scan and X-rays were performed by José de Jésus Zalce Benitez, a forensic scientist who was also involved in a now-debunked alien discovery in 2015.

Possible alien
One of the mummified specimens shown to the Mexican Congress this week. A self-proclaimed UFO expert said they are “not part of our earthly evolution.”

At a press conference, Benitez claimed that his analysis proved that the two specimens “came from a non-human species that has irrefutable differences from what is described in the biology and taxonomy of the Darwinian species evolution tree” and were “100% organic and biological.” .

Consequently, he concluded: “We are faced with the paradigm of a new way of describing or accepting the possibility that there has been contact with other beings, non-human beings, attracted in the past by different cultures around the world and were coined.” “

Benitez also claimed that his research showed that the bodies had not been altered after death because if they had been, “there would be a series of changes that would be visible in these studios.”

Both Maussan and Benitez were involved in the 2015 discovery of an alien that some claimed at the time was a mummified human child.

David Spergel, a NASA-affiliated researcher and president of the Simons Foundation, responded to the sample’s display in Mexico last week, saying it should be made available for independent testing.

He said: “If you have something strange, provide samples to the world scientific community and we will see what is there.”

Newsweek NASA’s press office has reached out for comment.

On July 26, the House Oversight Committee in Congress held a hearing at which David Grusch, a former intelligence officer, claimed that he had heard “reports from several respected and respected current and former military and intelligence officials” that suggested that the US government is running a secret UFO program.

However, this was announced by Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Sue Gough Newsweek At the time, it said they had found “no verifiable information to support claims that programs to possess or reverse engineer extraterrestrial material existed in the past or currently.”

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to create a special committee with the authority to subpoena witnesses to continue the UFO investigation.

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