What’s next for the Kingsman franchise?

Matthew Vaughn has established himself as one of the most exciting directors of his generation and his early films layer cake And Stardust proved that he could master multiple genres. While Vaughn got a taste of what franchise storytelling looked like, thanks Excellent And X-Men: First Class, He ended up taking over a franchise business where he had complete creative control. He adapted Mark Millar’s subversive spy comic series king man one of the best R-rated action franchises of its time. After Kingsman: the Secret Service After wowing audiences with its sheer absurdity, Vaughn reunited the original cast for the somewhat disappointing sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Next, he ventured into the past with his prequel The king’s man, which explored the origins of the British intelligence network during the First World War.

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It’s a bit unclear where the franchise will go from here. While Vaughn and Taron Egerton previously stated that the new film Kingsman: The blue blood Filming could begin in 2023Since then, there have been no updates on the planned sequel. Similarly, Vaughn hinted at it Possibility of further spin-offsbut it doesn’t look like anything has been in active development since then The king’s man will be in cinemas in the Christmas season 2021. The one-of-a-kind franchise has many options to consider as it plans its next project.

A third film completing the original cast

Kingsman Colin Firth
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle was widely viewed as a major step backwards from the original film; The reintroduction of Agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) felt like an odd direction for the franchise, as his death had a significant emotional impact on the first film and caused Eggsy (Egerton) to begin to emerge as an independent hero . Julianne Moore seemed to enjoy being the film’s new antagonist, but was overshadowed by Samuel L. Jackson’s electrifying role as the central villain Kingsman: The Secret Service. The death of Merlin (Mark Strong) was also a bit disappointing because, despite the emotional impact his final moments have on screen, the loss of such a unique and pivotal character early in the franchise may not have been in their best interests.

Besides that, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is far from the catastrophe that many claim. Vaughn has seen his other franchises utterly devastated by disappointing sequels; kick ass 2 lost the satirical touch that had made many of Vaughn’s original 2010 films so entertaining, and any hint of the originality that Vaughn brought to the film X-Men franchise with First class were virtually absent at the time Dark Phoenix will be in cinemas in 2019. The Golden Circle It might not have been a classic, but as far as the much-anticipated comic book adaptations go, it’s far from a disaster The Incredible Spider-Man 2 or Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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It would certainly be interesting to see Firth, Egerton and the other returning cast members reunite for an excellent third chapter of the original king man story to complete their adventures together and perhaps provide a hint of what a future generation might be capable of. These characters ended up appealing to audiences interested in seeing their respective destinies, and producing another great film to wrap up the trilogy would be a perfect way to build excitement for future spin-offs and a broader cinematic universe. The second film also introduced the American agents known as “The Statesman” and included other cast members such as Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum and Pedro Pascal; It would be fun to see these characters return in more significant roles so they could work hand-in-hand with the Kingsman.

A sequel to The King’s Man

Rasputin, played by Rhys Ifans, gets the ball.
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The king’s man Ralph Fiennes starred as Orlando Oxford, the Duke of Oxford who founds the organization and becomes the first “Arthur” to command the Kingsman version of the Knights of the Round Table. While the first two films contained a strong element of dark comedy, The king’s man was much more reserved and serious and really dealt with the aftermath of the war. Motivated to continue the Kingsman after the death of his son Conrad (Harris Dickinson), Orlando assembles a new team by the end of the film. While The king’s man wasn’t a huge financial hit, it was released during a full Christmas season against the box office giant that it was Spider-Man: No Way Homeand may have found a second life on streaming services.

Shola (Dijmon Hounsou), Polly (Gemma Arterton), King George (Tom Hollander), Archie (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and the US Ambassador to the UK (Stanley Tucci) all join Orlando’s new team, and that would just be a… Great cast to follow in multiple sequels. While the story of the first film ends immediately after the end of the First World War, a continuation of the series up to the time of the Second World War already seems to be planned. In a post-credits scene, David Kross was portrayed as a young Adolf Hitler, who would presumably serve as the next big villain. The connection between king man Movies and real-world history were fascinating and it was a way for the prequel to differentiate sonically from the first two parts.

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A new Kingsman era

Harry (Collin Firth), Eggsy (Taron Egerton), Roxy (Sophie Cookson) and another Kingsman scan the situation with Merlin (Mark Strong)
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Given that Vaughn did such a great job parodying the James Bond series, it would be interesting to see how he explores different eras in the Kingsman’s history. Vaughn clearly has an affinity with the Bond films of the 1960s, and actually does X-Men: First Class feels obliged Greetings from Russia And golden finger. This might be an interesting framework for another king man Spin-off series that transforms the franchise into a more fluid series of anthology adventures.

Because Vaughn incorporated so many important historical events The king’s man, it might be interesting to go through the major milestones of the 20th century and examine how the Kingsman may have been intertwined. Consider that king man Was a property of 20th Century Fox, now owned by Disney, there are opportunities to develop projects on Disney’s various streaming providers such as Disney+, Hulu or FX.

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