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The 2001 movie Joe Dirt is a comedy film directed by David Spade and Fred Wolf. Following is a radio show retelling of Joe Dirt’s life in which he explains how his parents abandoned him as a child. Eventually, he embarks on a cross-country journey to find his family, which leads him into a series of chaotic adventures and unexpected friendships.

The film is a love-or-hate comedy, which is also reflected in the 63 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Still, this film has garnered a cult following because of its humor, its cast, and the general liking of the main character.

Joe Dirt has been around for 22 years as of 2023, although a sequel was released in 2015. Here’s how to do it Joe Dirt Cast and what the actors are up to today.

David Spade as Joe Dirt

David Spade as Joe Dirt
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The main character wearing a mullet in Joe Dirt is played by David Spade. Joe Dirt is often described as a loser who grew up in foster care after being abandoned by his family at the Grand Canyon.

This leads him on a journey across the country where he meets people from all walks of life, even a serial killer named Buffalo Bob. But despite his messy antics, Joe is a charismatic, positive person who wins people’s hearts by telling his story on Zander Kelly’s radio show.

Spade became a staple of the comedy world after landing his first role in the comedy’s fourth installment police school franchise and joined Saturday night live Cast for six years. Since then he has acted in numerous films and television series tommy boy alongside Chris Farley, Dickie Roberts: Former child starAnd Rules of engagement.

Recent projects include hosting his own late night show, The lights go out with David Spadein 2019 and headlining his 2022 stand-up special Nothing personal.

Dennis Miller as Zander Kelly

Dennis Miller in Joe Dirt
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Zander Kelly is the radio host who brings Joe onto his show to tell his life story. Joe works as an administrator at the radio station and arouses the interest of the sarcastic and somewhat rude Zander.

The talk radio host invites Joe on his show to tell viewers about his past in order to humiliate him. But after learning more about Joe as a person, both he and his audience change their minds. Zander and his audience help make Joe famous, but also uncover the dark secrets of his parents and his abandonment.

Zander Kelly is played by Dennis Millera comedian and talk show host best known for his work on Saturday night live And The network. Miller’s recent projects include two comedy television specials entitled Dennis MillerFake News, real jokes And Dennis Miller: The Great Speechwhere he deals with political and social issues.

Brittany Daniel as Brandy

Brittany Daniels in Joe Dirt 2001
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Brandy is a complex figure in Joe’s life as she is one of the few people who ever show him kindness but also shows lies about his parents. Early in their relationship, Brandy’s alcoholic father kills her dog, prompting Joe to go in search of his family.

After being unable to find her, he returns to her town to find Brandy engaged to Robby, one of Joe’s implacable bullies. In the end, the two reconcile and continue their relationship into the sequel Joe Dirt 2: Handsome Loser.

Brittany Daniel stars as Brandy, an actress who first began acting on the series in 1989 with her twin sister The new ones leave it to beavers. Since then she has appeared in series That 70’s show And Blackas well as her role in the comedy white chickens.

Her last role was in 2022 when Daniel starred in the comedy Cheaper in dozens as Melanie.

Adam Beach as Kicking Wing

Adam Beach Joe Dirt
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During Joe’s travels, he meets a fireworks vendor named Kicking Wing. The only problem is that Kicking Wing doesn’t have fireworks at their booth, only snakes and sparklers. The two end up becoming friends and Joe takes him to shoot a nuclear bomb with Roman candles, which is just one of their adventures together.

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Kicking Wing is played by the actor Adam Beach. Beach has acted in films such as wind talker, Bury my heart at Wounded KneeAnd flags of our fathers. His recent work includes hosting the Canadian reality show A cut above and appears as Adam in the mockumentary Hey Victor!.

Christopher Walken as Clem Doore

Christopher Walken Joe Dirt
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Clem Doore is a character Joe meets in Louisiana while working as a school administrator. Clem is a witness protection gangster named Anthony Benedetti. Things go awry for Clem when Joe brings him up on TV, but their friendship ends up working out when he fights Robby for Joe.

Christopher Walken stars in the Joe Dirt Cast as Clem Doore. One of the most iconic actors of our time, Walken is the perfect complement to Joe Dirt’s humor. Walken has given incredible performances in films like… The deer hunter, King of New York, The funeral, and countless others. His most recent work includes the series The outlaws And severance pay.

Kid Rock as Robby

Kid Rock in Joe Dirt
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Robby is a bully in Silvertown who goes out of his way to piss off Joe, eventually becoming engaged to Brandy while he’s searching for his parents. His role is one of the smaller ones, but the scene in which he reads the letter to Joe remains one of the funniest (and most heartbreaking) in the film. In the end, Robby is left alone with a cracked windshield, which seems appropriate given his meanness towards Joe.

Robby is played by kids skirt, the controversial Michigan singer, actor and rapper. His filmography is quite limited and includes a dubbing role in the 2001 film Osmosis Jones, Biker BoyzAnd Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. Finally he started his Bad reputation tour in 2022.

Jaime Pressly as Jill

Jaime Pressly Joe Dirt
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Joe works at a carnival while looking for his parents, where he eventually meets Jill. The two meet later that night at the carnival, where she reveals she once had a brother before her parents abandoned her on the side of the road in California. This leads Joe to believe that she must be his sister, but that doesn’t stop him from chasing after her. He later learns that she is not his sister, much to the relief of the radio show’s audience.

Jaime Pressley appears as Jill in Joe Dirt. Pressly starred in several ’90s comedies, including Ringmaster And Not another teen movie. She has won awards for her work on the series my name is earland her last role was a small appearance in The Conners.

Fred Ward and Caroline Aaron as Joe’s parents

Fred Ward Caroline Aaron Joe Dirt
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Joe’s parents, leaving their eight-year-old son in the Grand Canyon, dictate the plot of the entire film. Unfortunately, when Joe finds them, he realizes that they left him there on purpose and never bothered to locate him. It’s a heartbreaking realization for Joe when he cuts ties with the couple for a second time, though her behavior and motives towards him highlight her true colors.

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Fred Ward stars in the Joe Dirt as his father occupied, and Caroline Aaron appears as his mother. Ward was an actor best known for his work in Escape from Alcatraz and that Tremble Franchise. His last appearance was on the show True detective before his death in 2022. Aaron is also an accomplished actress, having starred in the shows recently The wonderful Mrs. Maisel And ghosts.

Megan Harvey as Joe’s sister

Megan Harvey Joe Dirt
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While Joe’s little sister makes few appearances in the film, her role plays an important role in discovering his true identity. After trying to kill an alligator, Joe remembers sitting next to his sister in the car. That’s when she tells him that his last name is Dirt while her last name is Nunamaker. It’s a quotable scene that helps Joe on his journey to find his family.

Megan Harvey appears as Joe’s sister in Joe Dirt. She also had a role in the 2009 film Etienne! as Elodie, although most of her credits go to dubbing in various anime productions and video games. Harvey’s most recent roles include a voice role in LBX girls And summer spirit.

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