Where was The Equalizer 3 filmed? All “Equalizer 3” filming locations.

The equalizer 3 is now available to rent/purchase digitally, and amidst the violence and action, fans may have taken a moment to enjoy the film’s beautiful scenery. The threequel replaced the chaotic city setting of Boston with a more picturesque and peaceful Mediterranean setting.

At least it was peaceful before Robert McCall arrived. So let’s break down where The equalizer 3 is set.

Where exactly does the film take place?

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The third part in The equalizer In the franchise, Robert McCall, played by Denzel Washington, travels to Italy, specifically the Amalfi Coast. The film takes full advantage of its beautiful locations and even sets some action scenes in a thousand-year-old church perched on a hill.

Aside from that, the lush Mediterranean Sea and beaches provide a cool backdrop that contrasts with the rather dark action film.

Was it actually filmed on location?

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While some film studios chose to use similar-looking locations within states to save time and budget, this was not the case for them The equalizer 3. Apparently Sony was completely on board with the idea of ​​going abroad and filming on location on the Amalfi Coast as well as other parts of Italy, including Rome and Naples.

The film’s director, Antoine Fuqua, spoke about the decision to shoot abroad The Associated Press about how it all happened. “We thought it would be nice to see a man of color in a more international story. Why not take this character with you around the world? Luckily, Sony liked the idea.”

So why Italy?

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As it turns out, it’s one of Washington’s most popular vacation spots. According to Fuqua, he goes there every year and apparently even speaks some Italian.

Parts of the film were shot in the legendary Cinecittà studios, where famous filmmakers such as Federico Fellini, Sergio Leone and Martin Scorsese worked, which Fuqua himself was very happy to experience as a director.

Does McCall love the Amalfi Coast?

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At the beginning of the film, McCall unknowingly spends some time on the Italian coast. Since the film was shot primarily on location, McCall’s feel for the people and the land always seems more authentic. McCall’s desire to stay in Italy grows the more time he spends there. Fuqua told Fan base He and Washington felt a deep affinity with Italy, which inspired the story’s setting.

“There is so much great history and rich culture in Italy,” Fuqua said. “That was the [other] greatest influence. Being in the environment, being in these environments, looking at the history, looking at the texture, going to the museums, going up to the Amalfi River [Coast]. That was my biggest influence. Italy has a great history of art and violence. That’s really why I came up with the campaign.”

Why go back to life off the grid?

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As Fuqua told the outlet, McCall makes a real effort to return to civilian life, reminding the viewer of the retired gunslingers of classic westerns. Italy turned out to be the perfect place for McCall to put his life in perspective.

“[We were] “I’m just trying to find a place for him to settle down,” Fuqua noted. “A place I know Denzel loves, Italy and myself.” And a small fishing village cut off from the power grid seemed like something Robert McCall would do. A place that is unexpected. This is how Italy came into being.”

What were the challenges of filming?

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Of course, the setting presented a certain challenge for the crew when filming, as Fuqua recalls in an interview Weekly entertainment. The aforementioned old church at the top of the hill was a particularly difficult scene, as just transporting the equipment to the location was a huge burden.

When I got there I said, “How do we get this equipment up the stairs?” “Oh, we use donkeys.” I didn’t see a single donkey the entire time I was in Italy. […] I saw my crew carrying equipment up those steps with cigarettes dangling from their mouths. There was a lot of puking.

In the end, it seems to have been worth it, as the cast and crew clearly had a lot of fun filming in Italy, and the locations look great on screen, even if they’re just used as a backdrop for over-the-top violent action scenes.

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