‘Whiteness is so evil’: The Michigan School Board Trustee is under scrutiny for her off-kilter racist tweets

A Michigan School Board trustee who claims her LinkedIn Being a “Lover of Humanity” came under scrutiny for hateful and off-kilter tweets.

What is the background?

Kesha Hamilton has served as a trustee of the Jackson School Board since 2020. She’s the chairwoman of the city of Jackson Racial Justice Commission.

Hamilton made headlines last year for accusing Superintendent Jeff Beal of bullying and harassment. An investigation found their claims to be unfounded, reported mlive.

The racial justice counselor has reportedly made numerous other wild allegations and has lashed out at the school district on multiple occasions for allegedly racist policies.

Hamilton in July 2022 recommended that the school board’s decision to require high school seniors to take “a minimum of six advancement internships, dual matriculation, or early college courses in any combination” was racist and exclusionary.

For her part, Hamilton, who benefits from offering advice on discrimination, racism and appropriate behavior, has been exposed for her apparent dislike of white people.

Lover of humanity, with notable exceptions

The self-proclaimed advisor on racial justice wrote to a black jogger on December 3rd“The last thing you have to worry about is an animal – although that could be a very real threat.

On May 19, 2020, She wrote“Working/living in/around/with white people is incredibly difficult. Being subjected to their violence and betrayal is extremely aggressive…but they sleep peacefully at night…it’s just tough out here…”

Hamilton remarked, “White people don’t care…most of them. It’s hard to work/live among them…”

April 2020 Hamilton said“Another reason why there is white supremacy… white women.”

The school board trustee who is also committed to the education of future generations of children claims“Whiteness is so evil.”


Hamilton’s racially charged antipathies came to light in part because of a flyer circulated in the community stating that “the Jackson school board hates white people.”

The resulting backlash prompted the school board to postpone its Tuesday meeting. reported MLive.

The board also had additional security on hand to guard against possible public hostility evoked by Hamilton’s apparent racism.

While the meeting was moved to a location Superintendent Jeff Beal said would be safer, some community members were can express their concerns about the school board’s apparent disgust with people because of their skin color.

A parishioner pleaded with the school board that Hamilton and others stop peddling critical race theory and indoctrinating children with “divisive” ideologies.

MLive noted that one person who called Hamilton’s racist tirades “disheartening” asked if the trustee was elected to represent “the entire student body within our racially diverse student population”?

Hamilton replied: “What is discouraging? to invoke whiteness? Or being white is evil?”

Instead of apologizing, Hamilton suggested that her apparent hatred of “whiteness” stemmed from an understanding of the term imparted to her by the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The museum Remarks on his website: “Whiteness and white racial identity refer to the way white people, their customs, culture and beliefs are considered the standard against which all other groups are compared. … Whiteness (and its accepted normality) also exists as everyday microaggressions toward people of color.”

Another community member called for Hamilton’s resignation, noting that the Trustee’s strained definition of “whiteness” “is no excuse [her] angry and hateful words.”

“This is someone we need to decide what’s best for public school students in Jackson, in a county that’s over 44% White, a city that’s over 69% White, and a county that is over 87% white. And one of their criticisms is the declining enrollment. I wonder why,” added the community member. “[Hamilton] accused others of trying to divide that community. That’s exactly what she wants. That’s why she’s here. It’s not for the district, the students, or the community. It’s for her fame and notoriety.”

Gina Hastings, a parent in the community, said“Someone in their position of influence needs to be kept at a high level. She must be a representative for all students in the Jackson public school system.”

“Your racist remarks should not be tolerated. How can all children feel safe when physical traits over which they have no control are labeled evil and dangerous?” added Hastings.

Jackie Leslie said: “You don’t address the differences, you add them with your hurtful remarks. Your words do not unite our community. Your words divide our community.”

In a May 2022 Jackson Racial Justice Commission promotional video, Hamilton suggested that she may be involved in “disrupting and reversing racism, the impact of racism and racial prejudice wherever it is found.”

It’s unclear whether the commission took a look at its chairman’s Twitter feed.

How the Racial Justice Commission in Jackson, Michigan is making a differenceyoutube

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