Whitlock: The treatment of Kevin Samuels demonstrates the evil nature of modern American culture

Kevin Samuels would have been better remembered for recording rap songs about drug dealing, random sex with b***hes and killing n***as.

Had he rapped rather than talked, Samuels would not have been remembered as divisive, controversial and misogynistic. He would be Nipsey Hussle, a rapper and activist, or Young Dolph, a promising rapper. Hussle and Dolph were gunned down in their respective communities.

Samuels, a clothing consultant turned YouTube and Instagram star known for outspoken relationship advice, died unexpectedly late last week at the age of 57. Corporate media has commemorated him with headlines and stories that belittle him and his accomplishments.

NewsOne, a black outlet, called Samuels a “misogynist image consultant.” (NewsOne eventually toned down its headline.) Several outlets called Samuels “controversial.” The New York Times, America’s premier newspaper, dubbed Samuels a “polarizing YouTube personality” in its news article. In contrast, the Times framed Hussle, a Los Angeles gang member, as a “rapper-activist.” read this Times Story on Hussle and you think of the gangsta rapper as a future councilman. Meanwhile the Times framed Samuels as the black alter ego of Harvey Weinstein.

The treatment of Samuels after death speaks to our cultural decay. Black men who engage in, celebrate, or encourage criminal and immoral conduct are treated with a level of reverence once reserved for black men who championed the values ​​that made Samuels popular.

No American media outlet would dare portray George Floyd as a “career criminal” in a headline. There’s far more evidence of Floyd’s criminality than Samuel’s misogyny. It is considered racist to even vaguely mention Floyd’s criminal past and/or the criminal behavior that has brought him under a police officer’s knee.

But everyone, including the New York Times, is happy to slam Kevin Samuels for speaking outspokenly to black women during an Instagram Live broadcast.

Samuels should have been a rapper. He should have covered himself in tattoos, braided his hair, exposed the crack in his butt, mumbled obscenities and yelled at the police!

Had he done so, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, LeBron James, Joy Reid and Maxine Waters would all be fighting for the right to speak at his funeral; white liberal media personalities would cite him as their favorite artist; and every corporate media platform from NBC to Netflix would try to raise him from the dead to host a show. The NFL would book Tupac Samuels for their Super Bowl halftime.

America’s modern media and entertainment industry rewards wickedness, especially black wickedness. That has been the case for quite some time. What is new is open hostility towards anything that is not overtly evil.

Samuels wasn’t overtly angry.

He presented himself flawlessly. tailored suit. Sitting at a desk. A properly groomed skin bleaching would approve of the army. Calm, confident demeanor. Crisp, concise language free of obscenities and without animus and emotions.

Samuels seems to have emerged from a long-forgotten era. He was more Leave It to Beaver than Black-ish, more Ward Cleaver than Dre Johnson.

In just over two years, Samuels attracted 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and 1 million IG followers by pointing the finger at black women for adopting unrealistic, toxic, and matriarchal relationship expectations. He also berated black men for not projecting a mature, professional image.

A hybrid of Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey and Malcolm X, Samuels delivered blunt and humorous relationship advice to an ever-growing audience. His meteoric rise to platforms built for millennials and the awakened defied conventional wisdom and exposed market neglect.

Despite corporate and social media brainwashing, black people still prefer authentic, inconvenient truths over the comforting lies of the left establishment. Our desire for traditional family, traditional roles and traditional values ​​has miraculously survived 60 years of onslaught.

Therefore the attack continues unabated and must include the vilification of Kevin Samuels in death. His success was dangerous. He inspired the black “manosphere,” the collection of content creators opposed to feminism and matriarchy.

The corporate media continues to feed us Trevor Noah, Bomani Jones, Don Lemon, and a steady stream of Beta Males and their fellow conspirators, angry feminists. We still want Cliff Huxtable, Uncle Phil and yes, Donald Trump. We want manly men who crave the responsibility of leadership and provision.

Kevin Samuels was black Joe Rogan. The left despises any straight black man who favors self-sufficiency, independence and freedom of thought. Samuels was homemade. He stood firmly in the values ​​he believed in. He ignored his critics. He didn’t lie to women about popularity. He and his worldview attracted a large audience.

His Bootstraps rise proves that real men are still the world’s most precious resource. They are valued more than the satanic degenerates, perverts and criminals who popularize Hollywood, the music industry and the corporate media.

The dirt that has been shoved into the minds of entertainment consumers and normalized in American culture does not reflect the demands of the market. It is a reflection of an evil agenda being orchestrated by decision makers with no regard for biblical principles or values.

Any culture that respects a gangsta rapper more than it does a talk show host who advises obese women (and men) to realistically adjust their relationship goals is tragically doomed.

https://www.theblaze.com/fearless/oped/whitlock-treatment-of-kevin-samuels-demonstrates-the-wicked-nature-of-modern-american-culture Whitlock: The treatment of Kevin Samuels demonstrates the evil nature of modern American culture

Laura Coffey

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