Whitlock: The truth about Sports Illustrated’s ‘bubbling beauty’ is darker than Jordan Peterson conveyed

dr Jordan Peterson got it wrong when he tweeted that Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Yumi Nu was “not beautiful”.

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Peterson should have said the plus-size model was “not healthy. No amount of authoritarian tolerance will change that.” He subverted a fact with a personal opinion, thereby allowing the awakened ones to once again evade responsibility for their truly evil plans.

On Monday, North America’s most honest public intellectual responded to Sports Illustrated’s decision to put an obese woman with a strikingly pretty face on the cover of its once-iconic swimsuit issue. He retweeted a New York Post story depicting the bubbling Asian beauty beneath his proclamation: “Sorry. Not nice. No amount of authoritarian tolerance will change that.”

Twitter, of course, erupted in false outrage. A white man rudely revealed his truth about a limp Asian model. Twitter’s Army of Social Justice accused Peterson of unloading a toxic vat of white privilege and white supremacy.

Not afraid of a brawl, Peterson engaged his critics. He doubled down on his claim that the left wants to redefine standards of beauty.

“It’s a deliberate progressive attempt to manipulate and reshape the notion of beauty, based on the idiotic philosophy that such preferences are learned and properly changed by those who know better.”

I say that respectfully. Peterson missed the target again. He botched this issue. Beauty is an opinion. And we all know that opinions are like booty holes. Everyone has one and they all stink. The left does not want to turn the concept of beauty inside out. You want to change the concept of health. They want to reclassify obesity as healthy.

Virtually everything the progressive left promotes is related to the normalization of a culture of death, destruction and despair. Abortion is about the right to kill babies in the womb. Liberalizing drug laws is about freeing people from turning themselves into zombies. Defunding the police is about normalizing the violent chaos within communities. Antireligiousism is about eliminating hope, the lifeblood of civilization. Transgenderism is about mutilating God’s creation.

Jordan Peterson is known for speaking uncomfortable truths. He missed an opportunity in this case. The platform of the modern left is built on the “do what you will” philosophy of early 20th-century Satanist Aleister Crowley. Crowley argued that the meaning of life is for people to conform to their true will.

It sounds great. Why won’t you conform to your true will?

Well, for those of us who believe in a higher power, who believe our inalienable rights come from God, who believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we are taught that the purpose of our lives is to help us to align with God’s will for us. His vision for us is set out in the Bible.

We are taught that our nature is sinful and that we should avoid a “do what you will” mindset and behavior.

Specifically, we are taught, among other things, that gluttony is a sin that harms our lives and leads to death.

Philippians 3:19: “Their destiny is destruction, their God is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their minds are on earthly things.”

Proverbs 23:2: “And put a knife to your throat when you become gluttons.”

Proverbs 23:20-21: “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and sleepiness clothes them in rags.”

For those of you who are unbelievers, you don’t need the Bible as proof of the dangerous effects of gluttony and obesity. Check with any doctor. Type it into Google. You can call me. Gluttony and obesity were my weaknesses.

Trying to normalize obesity is evil and satanic. Sports Illustrated promotes death with its glorification of round runway models. Yumi Nu foolishly believes that her rise to SI cover girl is a symbol of necessary progression.

“I feel like we’re at a point right now where people are making room for more diversity on the covers of magazines,” she said. “It’s a big time for Asian American people in the media. I know I play a big role in representing body diversity and racial diversity and I love being a role model and representative of the plus-size Asian community.”

Nu is a believer in the DIE religion of diversity, inclusion and justice. The DIE religion is just Aleister Crowley’s Satanism rebranded to make it palatable to the masses. Do what you want. It is the search for your true will.

Yumi Nu is a 250 pound glamor girl. She has joined her corpulent true will. She’s no different from Lia Thomas, the young man who decided his true will was to be a swimmer on the University of Pennsylvania women’s team. Nu is no different from Pete Buttigieg, the US Secretary of Transportation, who hopped into a hospital bed to pretend he’d delivered a baby.

Yumi Nu feels like the Asian Christie Brinkley, Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks. The reality is that Nu is more like Lizzo or Jason Whitlock, a pretty face sitting on a grossly unhealthy body. The people who lie to Yumi Nu want her and others to die an early death, suffocated on gravy, fried chicken, and Kool-Aid.

Death is the point of DIE religion. His followers want to kill America and Western Civilization by killing Judeo-Christian culture.

What made America great was when we sought together to align with God’s will for us. That forced us to end slavery and end Jim Crow. Men and women who wanted to be on the right side of God fought for freedom and equal opportunity.

Men and women who want to be on the right side of a story, who want to write leftists, will end up standing alongside Aleister Crowley and flabby beauties.

https://www.theblaze.com/fearless/oped/whitlock-truth-about-sports-illustrated Whitlock: The truth about Sports Illustrated’s ‘bubbling beauty’ is darker than Jordan Peterson conveyed

Laura Coffey

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