Whitlock: Tony La Russa prepared Tim ‘Jackie’ Anderson for early emasculation

Tony La Russa’s pronouns are she/they.

The legendary 77-year-old baseball skipper and best friend of Bob Knight and Bill Parcells has apparently bowed to the winds of social justice on social media and reinvented himself as a “groomer.” He oversees the transition of the Chicago White Sox to a sixth grade girls softball team.

Chicago’s only African-American player, Tim Anderson, followed leftist conventions and volunteered to become the first major league to sacrifice his bat and balls.

On Saturday night, Anderson erupted in anger and emotion after New York Yankees member Josh Donaldson called him the nickname “Jackie,” a reference to Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson. Three years ago, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Anderson compared himself to the baseball pioneer who incorporated Major League Baseball in 1947.

Anyone even remotely familiar with sports culture isn’t surprised that Anderson’s opponents would use the analogy to rip the shortstop. La Russa has been in professional baseball for 59 years. He made his major league debut in 1963 with the Kansas City Athletics. As an infielder, La Russa is aware of the type of banter players use to get into an opponent’s head.

“Jackie” is probably the tamest insult ever uttered on a baseball field, football field, basketball field, soccer field, or hockey rink. La Russa compared it to one of the worst.

“He made a racist comment – Donaldson. And that’s all I’m going to say,” La Russa said after Saturday’s game.

La Russa turned a routine bench standoff into a Black Lives Matter debate. To no one’s surprise, Tim Anderson took on the role of baby George Floyd with a heavy dose of Jussie Smollett. Anderson loves attention. He’s a bat-banging showboat.

So of course Anderson overreacted to Donaldson’s harmless jab. The race card justified Anderson’s blast, putting Donaldson on the defensive and prompting Major League Baseball to open an investigation.

I’d like to know what exactly the league will be investigating. Donaldson managed to call Anderson “Jackie”. Donaldson said it’s not the first time he’s done this.

What needs to be investigated is the public mutilation of Anderson’s genitals. Three years ago, in Sports Illustrated article where he compared himself to Jackie Robinson, Anderson proudly boasted of calling Royals pitcher Brad Keller a “weak f***ing n***er”.

Anderson received a one-game suspension for that derogatory attack. Basement is white. I’m sure the slight discipline imposed on Anderson for that bit of racism caught the attention of many white major league players. Anderson’s defiance was certainly registered as well.

It’s also hard to overlook Anderson’s delusion and/or racial dysphoria. In the Sports Illustrated article, Anderson and author Stephanie Apstein insinuated that patches are racist because they don’t make patches that match Anderson’s skin color.

Here the paragraph:

Sometimes the humiliations are minor. After the Royals series, he tore his left thumb and slipped to second place in Detroit, so he rummaged through the team’s first-aid kit until he found a one-inch dot the color of flesh – someone else’s flesh. “It’s small,” he says. “We have bigger problems.” But it’s symbolic of his place in his sport in 2019. Anderson is playing a white man’s game, and he’s playing it in a white man’s patch.

I wouldn’t call Anderson “Jackie”. I would call him “Band-Aid” or Karen. He thinks – or they think – his purpose in life is to be a racism hunter. Racism and victim hunting is the new path to glory. It’s Star Trek.

“Racing: the final frontier. These are the journeys of racism company. His Black Lives Matter mission: to explore strange, inconsequential interactions. In search of new racism and victimhood. Daring to go where no real man has gone before!”

No real man wants to be a victim. But the left has convinced black men that there is no higher form of black humanity than being a damsel in distress.

Instead of Tony La Russa telling Anderson to calm down, act like a man, there is no crying in baseball and sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, La Russa baited Anderson, to act like an asshole.

That is the prevailing message to all men. But black men are the lab rats of the emasculation movement. We are the first to give up our stick and balls. We are the beauties of this ball. Everybody knows. In popular culture, we are mocked. In “Game of Thrones” everyone was fighting for power except for a group of bulletless black men called “The Unsullied”. Tim Anderson is Gray Worm.

He snapped because his feelings were hurt when little Joshy called him “Jackie”. La Russa and members of the White Sox comforted little Timmy Anderson, claiming, “Joshy was ray-cess.”

Black men are seen as so fragile and so unstable. Nobody can tell us the truth and nobody can criticize our behavior.

In a story in which he defends calling an opposing player a “weak, damn zero” and suggests that patch colors are racist, Tim Anderson compared himself to Jackie Robinson.

The jokes write themselves. Anderson is a talented baseball player with the mental capacity of an 8-year-old girl.

Do you know why he’s so weak and stupid? Because the world constructed by the left rewards him for being so weak and stupid. It has nothing to do with his skin color. Jackie Robinson had exactly the same complexion. Robinson lived in a time when the world rewarded men for their intellect, emotional control, and strength.

Men grow into little girls and little girls grow into grown men.

Weak old men like Tony La Russa are too scared to do anything about it. At age 77, with millions of dollars in the bank, La Russa would rather collect another check for castration grooms than risk telling Anderson — or any other black man — to make a man.

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Laura Coffey

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