Who is the private detective Bo Dietl whose name Louie Ruelas dropped in the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

The Real housewives from New Jersey The season 13 finale was a lot to deal with. It’s hard to imagine being the center of drama because it’s hard enough just watching it on TV. When Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga finally ended their relationship, the audience was stunned. It also looks like Teresa’s current husband Louie Ruelas is ready to play nicely.

In the finale, Louie admitted to hiring a private investigator. He said he got the private eye to find out about the rest of the RHONJ cast. But who exactly is that? Bo Dietl? And did Louie really call him in to dish out the dirt, or did Louie make it up out of thin air like he’s now claiming? Here’s what we know about the media personality.

Who is Bo Dietl?

Bo Dietl has been a retired police officer with the New York City Police Department for 15 years. Today he is an actor, podcast host and private investigator.

Dietl was nominated for the 6th congressional district for the US Congress in 1986 by the Republican and Conservative parties of New York State. He most recently ran for mayor of New York City in 2017. He decided to enter this contest as an independent, which resulted in him receiving about 1% of the vote. He finished sixth. Good luck next time, champion.

Today he is a private investigator and has worked for prominent conservatives. These include Steve Bannon and Don Imus. Whether Louie is one of his customers or not has yet to be clarified. Definitely an interesting company.

TELL US – Do you think Bo Dietl was hired by Louie? Or was Louie just looking for a reaction? Were you shocked when you heard him address the RHONJ finale?

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