Who left the special forces this week? — Competition details

Fox’s reality series “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” follows celebrities through a boot camp competition. Here’s who left the show.

Recruits for “special forces”
Source: FOX

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of Special Forces: The Toughest Test in the World.

Fox’s reality series Special Forces: The Toughest Test in the World follows 14 celebrities who reach their limits both mentally and physically. The celebrities must face their fears and take part in military exercises inspired by real-life Special Forces agents.

Will all 14 celebrities survive the next 10 days?

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Between New Zealand’s freezing mountain climate and the physically intimidating challenges, Special forces is not for the faint of heart. To leave the series, contestants can either be “medically cleared”, meaning they are forced to leave the series due to an injury, they are unable to pass the training course, or they choose to leave the series of their own accord (which is known as a voluntary withdrawal referred to as).

Every week fans eagerly wait to see who will win and who will fall. Read on to find out who went home Special forces.

Who left Special Forces in Episode 1?

JoJo Siwa is taking part in the second season of “Special Forces”.
Source: FOX

The premiere of Special forces accompanied the 14 recruits on their first day at base camp. The exercises were strenuous as participants had to walk over a metal structure suspended several hundred meters in the air. Most competitors failed at the task, but a few, including Savannah Chrisley, Tyler Cameron, Bode Miller and Dez Bryant, made it.

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After the first challenge, participants were led to their barracks, where they expected to sleep off the day’s exertions. Unfortunately, late at night, they were taken outside and forced to take part in another hour of grueling exercise with heavy stones that they had to lift over their heads and carry across the yard in a lunge.

Tara Reid and JoJo Siwa were spoken to sternly by staff, but neither were sent home. At the end of Episode 1, all contestants remained in the competition – but we know they won’t all make it through the entire season.

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Who left Special Forces in Episode 2?

Recruits scaled a dam in Season 2 of “Special Forces.”
Source: FOX

Three celebrities voluntarily withdrew in episode 2.

Tara Reid was the first to remove her numbered armband after struggling to carry her 35-pound backpack for concealed rappelling. She complained to the staff that it wasn’t fair that every backpack was the same weight (admittedly, she appears to be one of the lightest contestants this season). When the staff proved unsympathetic, Tara decided to leave.

Angela White (aka Blac Chyna) was the second contestant to leave the competition. She struggled with knee pain as she jumped into the cold water, but managed to complete the next challenge, face-down rappelling. Unfortunately, she was unable to climb over the railing to begin rappelling and was eliminated from the competition.

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Tara Reid left Special Forces during Episode 2.
Source: FOX

As Angela struggled to climb over the railing, Dez Bryant was left dangling, the harness pressing uncomfortably into his stomach. When he finally received permission to abseil after Angela withdrew from the competition, he stormed down the course and then berated the staff for leaving him up there.

Dez ripped off his armband in anger, but later returned to base camp to apologize for his actions. Unfortunately, the decision had already been made and he was eliminated from the competition.

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Who left Special Forces in Episode 3?

In episode 3, another three celebrities were eliminated from the competition. Former basketball player Robert Horry and actor Brian Austin Green were eliminated on the morning of the third day, before any challenges arose.

Savanna Chrisley survived the first challenge (albeit with failure), but voluntarily withdrew before attempting the backward jump at night. This season we only have eight participants.

Kelly Rizzo raises his hand, CBS Special Operations Unit
Source: FOX

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Who left Special Forces in Episode 4?

In Episode 4, only one competitor left the show: Kelly Rizzo, wife of the late comedian Bob Saget. During a challenge in which two teams of four celebrities each had to carry a 200-pound boat over uneven terrain, she appeared to throw her back and voluntarily withdrew after the first leg of the challenge.

Who left Special Forces in Episode 5?

None of the recruits left the competition on tonight’s episode, but two seemed to struggle the most: the former Bachelor Star Nick Viall and ski racer Bode Miller. Both men were pulled aside for a stern talk with the staff. Will they survive the next episode? We will see.

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Who left Special Forces in Episode 6?

There was a retreat in Episode 6. After Recruit No. 1 struggled with an elevated heart rate overnight, Jack Osbourne sought out on-site paramedics. Due to his existing multiple sclerosis diagnosis, the doctor advised him to skip the exams that day and remain under medical supervision. Ultimately, the doctor insisted on taking Jack off medically.

Bode Miller takes part in the second season of Special Forces
Source: FOX

Who left Special Forces in Episode 7?

There was also a voluntary withdrawal in Episode 7. Bode Miller was eliminated from the competition after the recruits completed a challenge that required them to pull a sled filled with equipment over 2 miles of difficult terrain. Although he managed to complete this task, the subsequent instruction to crawl back across the site sent Bode over the edge. He struggled with a sprained groin muscle and ultimately was unable to continue.

Although there was only a withdrawal in episode 7, a medical withdrawal has been announced for the next episode – we’ll see what happens.

Watch new episodes of Special forces Mondays at 9pm EST on FOX.

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